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Q4 Dollars by the Day: Agency ‘Simplified’ Spending at Fiscal Year End

Since we’re about to enter the final month of FY2015, I thought I would offer insights into spending by the day when agencies leveraged Simplified Acquisitions for end of year purchasing. Continue reading

Hunting Federal Contract Dollars?

Seeking to carve out a piece of the federal contracting pie for your company? To realize the opportunities you need good information to make good decisions. GovConCI™ can help! Continue reading

Low-Hanging Fruit Tastes Even Better During Fiscal Year End!

For buys made using the Simplified Acquisition Procedures, it seems Uncle Sam is on pace to top FY14 which was a record year! Be sure your company is ready to pick some fourth quarter low-hanging fruit! Continue reading

Setting Your Hook for Q4 Low-Hanging Fruit!

Fiscal Year End 2015 is upon us and albeit late if you’re just getting started, here are some things that may help you locate and reel in some of the abundant Q4 Low-Hanging Fruit! Continue reading

Chasing Government Contracts Eyes Wide Open or…?

Too many companies pursuing contracts and subcontracts in support of the U.S. Government are crippled by information. They can’t find it or don’t understand it when they do find it, and ultimately that means they can’t use it to make business decisions. Continue reading