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Obstacles to GovCon Growth: Clarity

Without proper context, processes and terms used everyday in government contracting may be misconstrued and result in undesirable outcomes. Continue reading

Obstacles to GovCon Growth: Distractions

Shiny objects are people, organizations and opportunities that ‘pop up’ on the radar unannounced and change the flow and rhythm of your company’s growth efforts. Continue reading

Obstacles to GovCon Growth: Strategy

The bar for entering, achieving a position and protecting that position in the govcon marketplace, rises every day. Don’t be the chalk outline. Continue reading

Capture Essentials: Black Hat Reviews

The objective of a Black Hat is to give the capture team much better insight into probable opposing win strategies thereby allowing the capture team’s strategy to adjust and ultimately a better chance to prevail. Continue reading

Three Tips to Maximize Federal Sector Investments

It would seem fairly obvious that companies investing time and money to win federal contracts would want to see a return. What’s seemingly not obvious to these companies are their missteps contributing to that lack of ROI. Continue reading

Finding Balance: Working On vs. Working In Your Business

What are the tactics and resources small federal contractors can use to conduct growth activities when they have few (or no) internal and dedicated human resources to perform them? Continue reading

Making Bid/No-Bid Decisions with Insufficient Knowledge? Here’s the Cure.

For government contractors, knowledge is key to decision-making. Even though civilian, defense and even intelligence agencies produce mountains of useful and publicly accessible information about themselves, their goals and requirements, companies still suffer from a lack of accessing and exploiting it. Continue reading

Leverage Intangibles for Tangible Business Growth

Is your company willing and able to invest in developing knowledge, relationships and tactics to foster the growth of your business? Are you prepared to meet opportunity? Continue reading

Not Prepared? No Luck or Opportunity For You Then!

To this day, one of my pet peeves is someone trying to sell me when they don’t know me or my company, and have very obviously not made any effort to do so. via Be Prepared to Meet (and Leverage) Federal Contracting Opportunities.

Do’s and don’ts of partnering with large companies — Washington Technology

Author Note: I recently received calls from companies who had either just read this article or read it when it was originally published in Washington Technology that felt a ‘re-publish’ was due given today’s prime contractors are keeping even more work for themselves. If you want to discover the secrets to success in the federal … Continue reading