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Larry Allen: Why acquisition reformers should follow Willie Sutton’s advice

The phrase “Why can’t the federal government buy more like Amazon?” might as well be the official battle cry of the Office of Management and Budget these days. Continue reading

Tiffany Hixon: GSA seeks to consolidate expiring services contracts – FederalNewsRadio.com

Federal News Radio reports GSA will try to consolidate many expiring services contracts into a few multiple-award contracts. Continue reading

Top 25 Product and Service Code (PSC) Categories Where Federal Agencies Spend Contracting Dollars – FY2014

Curious about the distribution of dollars in federal contracting? Here’s a breakdown by the top twenty-five (25) Product and Service Code (PSC) Groups for fiscal year 2014. Continue reading

Be Prepared to Meet (and Leverage) Federal Contracting Opportunities

To this day, one of my pet peeves is someone trying to sell me when they don’t know me or my company, and have very obviously not made any effort to do so. Continue reading

If ‘To Team Or Not To Team’ Is The Question, Here’s The Answer…

Team by golly! Why? Consider this. Of the $443 billion in FY14 obligations reported to FPDS-NG: Fifty-one percent were to single and multiple award Indefinite Delivery Vehicles (IDVs), and; 60% of those dollars were the result of modifications to an established contract vehicle, delivery order or task order. For the record, IDVs include: Basic Ordering … Continue reading

What’s Uncle Sam ‘Simplified’ Buying at the Start of FY2015?

Curious about what products and services are at the top of list for Uncle Sam when it comes to streamlined purchasing? Remember, spending under this method has increased by $1 billion each year since FY2010. Continue reading

GAO sees progress in DOD contract inventory — Federal Computer Week

GAO sees progress in DOD contract inventory — Federal Computer Week. After a rough time gathering information on the military’s services contracts, defense officials improved how they recorded their contracts for their fiscal 2010 report, auditors determined.

Justice spending on services to plummet – Washington Business Journal

Contractors that cater to the Department of Justice will find fewer dollars to compete for in coming years, as overall budget trimming causes a plunge in that agency’s spending for more lucrative services. via Justice spending on services to plummet – Washington Business Journal.

GSA’s $48B contract gets new name, ready for next step – FederalNewsRadio.com

The General Services Administration is changing the name of its next large governmentwide multiple award contract, Integrations, and moving it to the next phase of development. via GSA’s $48B contract gets new name, ready for next step – FederalNewsRadio.com.

Rate of Air Force contracts awarded by competitive procurements declines – FederalNewsRadio.com

Competition for service contracts in the Air Force has fallen dramatically in the last few years. Air Force officials are trying to figure out why. In 2007, 75 percent of the Air Force’s service contracts were awarded through competitive procurements. By last year, that had fallen to 59 percent. via Rate of Air Force contracts … Continue reading