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OPM kicks off security clearance transition by naming team leaders

James Onusko and Christy Wilder will be the National Background Investigations Bureau (NBIB) transition team director and deputy director, respectively. They will lead the effort to create a new organization to handle federal security clearances. Continue reading

DoD’s new background investigations system to include encryption, offline storage

In the days after the Office of Personnel Management announced that hackers had stolen the security records of nearly 22 million feds, former feds, would-be feds and government contractors, the fact that those records had not been encrypted was one of the many points detractors used to heap scorn on OPM. Continue reading

GAO: GSA, FPS collaboration weaknesses risk building security

The General Service Administration and the Federal Protective Services need to improve their communication, according to the Government Accountability Office. Continue reading

Agencies directed to use social media in security clearance reviews

The legislation creates an enhanced personnel security program, which requires that agencies develop a plan for investigating existing clearance holders, under the direction of the Director of National Intelligence (DNI). Continue reading

DHS Seeks Small Business Expertise for Homeland Security Challenges

DHS will accept proposals for its upcoming Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) Program FY 16.1 joint solicitation which covers 13 technical areas from the Science and Technology Directorate (S&T) and the Domestic Nuclear Detection Office (DNDO). Continue reading

New agency likely to own federal security clearance process

The formation of a new organization, the National Investigative Service Agency, would move ownership of the security clearance process away from the Office of Personnel Management, which assumed oversight of the program from the Defense Department in 2004. Continue reading

OPM preparing for security clearance process changes

OPM released a request for proposal last month for a workforce planning study of its Federal Investigative Services (FIS) ahead of any review findings. Continue reading

CSC, Netcracker fined for using uncleared coders in classified DISA work — FCW

Between 2008 and 2013, NetCracker allegedly used employees who lacked security clearances to perform work when it knew the contract required those individuals to have clearance, resulting in CSC recklessly submitting false claims for payment to DISA. Continue reading

6 Trends Driving IT Opportunities in FY13 – 2/14 at the Washington Breakfast Club™ – The American Small Business Coalition

Do shrinking budgets, increased competition, and IT governance policies seeking to cut infrastructure costs to fund new and improved mission systems cause you to have a bleak outlook for IT business opportunities in FY13? via 6 Trends Driving IT Opportunities in FY13 – 2/14 at the Washington Breakfast Club™ – The American Small Business Coalition.

Air Force considers dumping PCs for 1.2 million thin clients – Nextgov

The Air Force could send personal computers to the junkyard by 2014, depending on the results of a study to replace them with thin clients — 1 million on unclassified networks and 220,000 on classified networks. (38CONS_LGCA_RFI1) via Air Force considers dumping PCs for 1.2 million thin clients – Nextgov.