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GSA taking bids for new contractor validation services

The General Services Administration has started the long-anticipated process to acquire new validation services for federal contractors and grantees. Continue reading

GSA updates SAM.gov verification process following backlog

The site will no longer require registrants seeking grants, loans or other forms of financial assistance to have notarized letters on file before their application is activated. Continue reading

Hack Response: Notarized Letters Now Required for SAM.gov

This move comes after the General Services Administration acknowledged on March 22 that the inspector general is looking into a hack of the SAM.gov database Continue reading

GSA launches beta version of new SAM.gov site

The General Services Administration unveiled a test site for the new version of its procurement portal, both giving industry a peek at what’s to come and soliciting its advice. Continue reading

SAM Registration: New Bill Requires Notification Of Free Assistance

There is no cost to register in SAM or other government contracting databases–but that hasn’t stopped some companies from charging would-be contractors hefty fees for assistance in the registration process. S Continue reading

When ‘Things’ Are Not What They Seem and Connecting Those Dots.

How do you connect the dots if you don’t know what the dots mean? Continue reading

Growth Opportunity for Investors

Merriam-Webster defines ‘investment’ as “the outlay of money usually for income or profit” which means if you’re the leader of a small business pursuing federal sector opportunities, you’re an investor as you’ve certainly made an outlay of actual dollars and time. Think of this piece as friendly advice about an investment opportunity you should investigate. Continue reading

What Are You Waiting For?

Why are so many small businesses standing around when they could be fully engaged in finding and winning opportunities ‘reserved’ for them? Continue reading

Getting Your Foot in the Door

Don’t believe the hype! Registering in SAM.gov, becoming an 8(a) and being awarded a GSA Schedule will NOT guarantee you any success in federal contracting. Continue reading