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VA SDVOSB Rule of Two: Court Provides Important Guidance for Protesters 

In a recent decision, the Court of Federal Claims dismissed a rule of two challenge because, according to the Court, the protester only identified one SDVOSB–itself–that was likely to submit an offer at a fair and reasonable price. Continue reading

Small Business Set-Asides: When The “Rule Of Two” Becomes The “Rule Of One”

An agency isn’t required to cancel a small business set-aside solicitation if the agency learns that one of the small businesses upon whom the set-aside decision rested is no longer small. Continue reading

SDVOSB vs. AbilityOne: Major Court Ruling Stayed Pending Appeal

In May 2017, SDVOSBs and VOSBs lodged another big win in their battle to enforce the statutory preferences for veteran-owned companies: Continue reading

Supreme Court: “Rule of Two” Applies to All VA Acquisitions

if at least two VOSB or SDVOSB businesses can provide a service at a fair and reasonable price, the VA must set-aside the contract for such businesses Continue reading

Small Business Set-Asides: Two Small Manufacturers Required

A recent GAO bid protest decision highlights a little-known provision of the FAR, which provides that the “rule of two” does not apply to acquisitions for manufactured products over $150,000 where two or more small business nonmanufacturers are likely to submit offers, but the small business nonmanufacturers will not offer the products of two or more small business manufacturers. Continue reading

VA Rule of Two Applies to Multiple-Award IDIQs

Good news for veteran-owned contractors: the VA’s SDVOSB and VOSB “Rule of Two” applies even when the VA issues a solicitation for a multiple-award IDIQ contract. Continue reading

Small Business Set-Aside Threshold “Purposefully Low” – SmallGovCon

The FAR’s threshold for meeting the so-called “Rule of Two” for small business set-asides is “purposefully low,” according to a recent decision of the U.S. Court of Federal Claims. via Small Business Set-Aside Threshold “Purposefully Low” – SmallGovCon.

GAO Sustains “Rule of Two” Set-Aside Bid Protest – SmallGovCon

It Takes Two is the name of a 1995 film starring Kirstie Alley, Steve Guttenberg, and the Olsen twins. With such a star-studded cast, I’m at a loss for why the film merits only a 5.1 rating from the harsh critics at IMDb. I am far too busy to investigate this apparent injustice by screening … Continue reading

The “rule of two” and crazy federal dollars spent in a simplified sort of way. – The American Small Business Coalition

As we wrap up the 2012 calendar year, here at The American Small Business Coalition, we’re counting down the final days to another $15.5 billion dollars in federal spending for FY12. via The “rule of two” and crazy federal dollars spent in a simplified sort of way. – The American Small Business Coalition. Related articles … Continue reading

GAO has a ‘Simplified’ business opportunity for SDVOSBs at VA – The American Small Business Coalition

Earlier this year, a joint memo issued by OFPP and SBA urged agencies to maximize opportunities for small businesses for purchases under the Simplified Acquisition Threshold. It went on to suggest that agencies ensure they apply the “rule of two” in these instances. This recent GAO ruling should be considered icing on the cake for … Continue reading