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In planning for the reorg, Price encourages employees to help him ‘reimagine’ HHS

Previous administrations have acknowledged the oddities of the food safety system. They’ve known for years it’s unnecessarily complicated, but haven’t been able to change it. Continue reading

Alan Chvotkin: Contractors eyes reorganization rollout

When Secretary of State Rex Tillerson kicked off a reorganization with a speech to career employees, he followed that with a survey going to everyone. Source: Alan Chvotkin: Contractors eyes reorganization rollout – FederalNewsRadio.com

Government reorganization is ‘almost an echo of the Grace Commission’

The Office of Personnel Management just told agencies how to start preparing for reorganization, so the next step is to start asking what that reorganization should look like Continue reading

NSA Moving Forward With Controversial Reorganization Plan

NSA Director Adm. Michael Rogers announced the decision to move forward with the reorganization plan, known as NSA21, or NSA in the 21st century, in an address to NSA employees released Monday. Continue reading