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Steve Koprince: GAO bars contractor from filing bid protests

A legitimate complaint against government wrongdoing, or merely a nuisance? Continue reading

Insufficient Experience Information Sinks Offeror’s Proposal

An offeror’s failure to provide the type of past performance information mandated by a solicitation led to the offeror’s elimination from consideration for a major GSA contract. Continue reading

Federal Court Protest Causes GAO Dismissal

GAO’s jurisdictional rules prevent it from deciding protests when the outcome of the protest could be affected by a pending federal court decision. Continue reading

GAO Finds Offeror’s Protest of OCI Exclusion Untimely

To be timely, a GAO bid protest challenging the terms of the solicitation must be filed no later than the proposal submission deadline. Continue reading

SBA Dismisses Unspecific SDVOSB Status Protest

A protester’s failure to be specific enough in an SDVOSB status protest will result in dismissal of the protest. Continue reading

150 Protests And Counting: GAO Suspends “Frequent Protester”

The GAO’s unusual action was taken after the contractor in question filed 150 bid protests in the ongoing fiscal year alone, most of which have been dismissed for technical reasons. Continue reading

GAO: Unequal Opportunity To Revise Pricing Was Improper

According to a recent GAO bid protest decision, merely providing the awardee the opportunity to amend its pricing was erroneous, regardless of whether the awardee took advantage of that opportunity. Continue reading

GSA CTAs: Each Party Must Hold FSS Contract

Each party to a GSA Schedule Contractor Teaming Arrangement must hold the Federal Supply Schedule contract in question. Continue reading

GAO: Key Employee’s Resignation Justified Exclusion From Award

Employee turnover is a part of doing business. But for prospective government contractors, it can be a nightmare. Continue reading

Agency Spam Filter Excludes Proposal; Offeror Loses Protest

An agency’s spam filter prevented an offeror’s proposal from reaching the Contracting Officer in time to be considered for award–and the GAO denied the offeror’s protest of its exclusion. Continue reading