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GAO: Agency Need Not Perform Calculations For Offeror

An agency ordinarily is not required to perform calculations to determine whether an offeror’s proposal complies with a solicitation’s requirements, according to the GAO. Continue reading

GAO: “Minimal” Solicitation Changes Justified Cancellation

In a recent bid protest decision, the GAO confirmed that a procuring agency has broad discretion to cancel a solicitation when the agency’s anticipated needs change, and that discretion extends to cases in which the agency’s changed needs could be addressed by amending the existing solicitation. Continue reading

Agency Need Not Put Dollar Value On “Relevant” Past Performance

In a recent bid protest decision, the U.S. Court of Federal Claims rejected a protester’s assertion that the solicitation was required to identify a specific dollar value associated with relevant past performance, finding that the solicitation’s phrasing was sufficient to allow offerors to compete intelligently. Continue reading

Two Isn’t Greater Than Five, GAO Reminds Agency

GAO sustained a protest recently where an agency had given higher past performance scores to a proposal with two relevant examples of past performance than a proposal with five relevant examples. Continue reading

Offeror Attempts To “Evade” RFQ Page Limit; GAO Sustains Protest

An offeror’s apparent attempt to engage in a little proposal gamesmanship has resulted in a sustained GAO bid protest. Continue reading

Palantir to sue Army over intelligence-gathering IT contract

Palantir claims the Army’s solicitation for the second incarnation of its intelligence-gathering system, the Distributed Common Ground System – Army (DCGS-A) Increment 2, was “unlawful, irrational, arbitrary, and capricious” against offerors for commercial products that met part of the requirements. Continue reading

GAO Won’t Evaluate Subcontractors’ Small Business Status

In a recent decision, GAO declined to hear a protester’s argument that the awardee’s supposedly-small subcontractors were affiliated with other entities, holding that such a determination is reserved solely for the SBA. Continue reading

SBA Size Protests: Protester Must Be In Competitive Range

In its recent final rule addressing the limitations on subcontracting, the SBA also clarifies when small businesses can–and cannot–file viable size protests. Continue reading

26 protests of $11.5B training contract kicks off busy summer of IT

The number of large, multiple-award technology contracts agencies are recompeting or launching, and expected to award is extraordinary. Continue reading

Protester Must Show Awardee’s Specific Exception to Subcontracting Limitation

A protester challenging an awardee’s compliance with the FAR’s limitation on subcontracting faces an uphill battle. Continue reading


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