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Don’t Overlook the Seemingly Perfunctory in Your Proposal: CAGE Codes

So you invest heavily in your proposal writers; you review your proposal repeatedly to polish and ensure that it compels; you agonize. Continue reading

GAO: Subcontracting Plan Required by Solicitation Must be in Proposal

It’s a basic tenet of government contracting that a contractor must comply with the requirements of an agency solicitation. Continue reading

U.S. Firm Accused of Plagiarizing Bid for Puerto Rico Food Supply Contract

The nine-page proposal made by Tribute Contracting appeared largely to have been “plagiarized from several sources readily available on the internet.” Continue reading

5 Fatal Flaws Killing GovCon Proposal Efforts [GovConChat™]

GovConChat™ is where we sit down with experts, thought-leaders and other movers and shakers who impact the world of contracting with the U.S. Government. The goal is providing useful and usable insights to any company seeking a better understanding of government contracting, and a better result from their efforts to find and win contracts and subcontracts … Continue reading

Federal Court Again Says Agency Erred By Not Clarifying Clerical Error

A procuring agency erred by failing to seek clarification of obvious errors in an offeror’s proposal, according to a recent ruling by the U.S. Court of Federal Claims. Continue reading

To Keep Winning Federal Contracts, Small Businesses Say They Have to Spend More

Though overall federal contracting is down 19 percent in fiscal 2015 from fiscal 2010, the survey found that, on average, small businesses spent $148,124 in time and money to bid for federal work. Continue reading

Agency Spam Filter Excludes Proposal; Offeror Loses Protest

An agency’s spam filter prevented an offeror’s proposal from reaching the Contracting Officer in time to be considered for award–and the GAO denied the offeror’s protest of its exclusion. Continue reading

Business Development vs. Capture vs. Proposal Management vs. Winning

The primary missions of business development, capture, and proposal management are all very different. And yet, they share the same goal: winning. Continue reading

Why proposal win themes are so hard to write (and what to do about it)

It is even more difficult when the RFP tells you what to propose. Continue reading

Seminar: Creating Compelling Proposals That Win! – December 4, 2015 in Alexandria, VA

“How to be interesting and win over the customer” Continue reading