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Ask @GovConGuy – ‘How Do I Get PSC Codes for My Business?’

Before the North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) was adopted for use in government contracting, two other classification systems were in use. One of these remains a key identifier used in contracting and procurement today. In fact, this all but unknown classification system is part of the taxonomy used by DoD in its Better Buying Power initiative. Continue reading

Shiny Objects Can Cloud Your View

Companies should be cautious about the information they consume and interpret related to federal contracting, and from whence it comes. Continue reading

At the end of the day…. appreciation is appreciated!

There really isn’t much to say as the image says it all pretty darn well. Continue reading

Impact of Modifications on Federal Spending

Do you understand the difference between obligations resulting from an initial award versus contract dollars moving to a vendor as the result of a change made to an existing contract? Should you? Continue reading

Opportunities are Visible (More or Less) Based on How You Look for Them

In Federal Contracting, the use of North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) Codes is comprehensive and multi-faceted.

But as used by many in industry during the development of opportunities, the view it provides is incomplete. Continue reading

How Product and Service Codes Change Your View of the Opportunity Landscape

How many opportunity dollars have been missed by your company because you don’t use enough information properly, to see the big picture? Continue reading

542 Reasons to Change How You Use NAICS and PSC Codes (or ‘Are you looking for your opportunities in the right place(s)?)

The information in this article can have an immediate impact on the number of opportunities and quality of opportunities to which your company gets access.

Come on in and make sure you’re looking for your opportunities in the right places! Continue reading

VIDEO: To See or To Be Seen, Use the Right Codes!

Most companies pursuing contract and subcontract opportunities in support of the federal government know about NAICS Codes, but many are not aware of the other classification system used by agencies to more specifically describe purchases. Not understanding both systems can directly impede vendors efforts to be seen for opportunities, and to see them as well. Continue reading

Balancing NAICS and PSC For [GovCon] Business Sake

Don’t understand the differences and uses of NAICS and PSC Codes? You literally don’t know what you’re missing in government contracting opportunities. Continue reading

Marketing? Market Research? Don’t Ignore Product and Service Codes. – #Ask@GovConGuy

Context is critical to success in government contracting. Not understanding meaning, significance and timeliness of something such as how an agency describes what you want to sell them, can and will likely result in lost opportunities and the dollars that might have come with them. Continue reading