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DHS experimenting with new procurement methods

The Homeland Security Department wants to experiment with new ways to do procurement. It started a procurement innovation lab which hosted workshops for the contractor associations. Source: DHS experimenting with new procurement methods

Why Social Security rejected printer procurement over supply chain risks

It seemed like a cut-and-dried offer. Social Security needed a lot of new printers. Continue reading

DoD can reduce time to contract

Nearly every administration in the past 50 years has undertaken specific steps to reduce what is commonly called Procurement Acquisition Lead Time, or PALT. Continue reading

New GSA administrator seeks to shine light where the shadows of federal procurement live

Since its inception, GSA’s schedules program has been hidden behind a wall where only vendors with a contract could see the solicitations and awards. Continue reading

Trio of DARPA procurements plan for ‘post-Moore’s Law’ world

Since the onset of the microcomputer revolution in the 1960s, global economic and technological progress has been largely fueled by regular, exponential leaps in computing power. With each passing year, computer chips have halved in size while doubling their processing power. Source: Trio of DARPA procurements plan for ‘post-Moore’s Law’ world — FCW

GAO: DoD boosted its ‘buying power’ by $10.7 billion in 2016

The media and Congress are quick to point out instances in which Pentagon procurement has gone drastically awry, and rightly so, since it’s public money at stake. Continue reading

Sean Moulton: States may have answer to procurement transparency

Every time there’s been a move to post actual federal contract documents on public websites, the effort’s been derailed Continue reading

New White House innovation office to take on federal acquisition

The White House is creating a new Office of American Innovation to take on one of the stickiest wickets in the government — procurement, and particularly the buying of technology. Continue reading

Joseph Petrillo: Will new innovation office improve procurement?

The administration sees the new White House Office of American Innovation as one way to make federal procurement more efficient and responsive. So is erasing a contracting rule established by the Obama administration. Continue reading

Federal CIOs tell Congress: We want power to halt contracts

Federal agency CIOs ought to have the authority to stop major IT procurements Continue reading