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This bidding strategy can destroy your company before you realize it

The difference between a strategic organization and an opportunistic one is that maximizing win rate is a higher priority than maximizing the number of bids. Investing in a high win rate means doing things like relationship marketing, developing an information advantage, and perfecting your lead qualification and proposal processes. Continue reading

Seminar: Creating Compelling Proposals That Win! – December 4, 2015 in Alexandria, VA

“How to be interesting and win over the customer” Continue reading

Business Leaders Breakfast: Essentials of Capture Management – November 13, 2015 in Tysons

“The components to winning government business”

This seminar will provide an understanding of what goes in to the process of identifying, qualifying and preparing to bid on government contracts. It will cover topics that start with defining a capture process and take you through all of the steps you will need to execute in order to be prepared to write a winning proposal. Continue reading

Workshop: Creative Proposal Writing – November 18, 2015 in Tysons

“Turning words into compelling stories that sell”

This class is for anyone who will write for a proposal. It will provide you with an overall understanding of the proposal process so you will have a context for your work. Continue reading

Workshop: Effective Capture Management – November 17, 2015 in Tysons

“Getting ready to win – over and over again”

The class presents a detailed capture process and provides instruction on how to effectively develop new business opportunities and position for a winning proposal effort. Continue reading

Six Years of Increased Federal Spending for Small Business

As the results trickle in for the final spend of Fiscal Year 2015, it appears agency obligations made under the Simplified Acquisition Procedures will again increase by one billion dollars. Continue reading

Is the Federal Supply Schedule Program ‘Unsinkable’ Too?

As GSA seeks input about waiving the two-year requirement for the GSA IT 70 Supply Schedule, the image that comes to mind is passengers boarding the Titanic after the iceberg strike! Continue reading

2016 NDAA is Code for ‘Game Changer’ in Federal Contracting.

Let’s not beat around the bush. The proposed 2016 NDAA contains several approaches intended to help agencies cut costs and improve performance, but one in particular is focused on increased utilization of a streamlined purchasing method used by civilian, defense and intelligence agencies. If it’s still there when the latest DoD spending bill becomes law, it will result in transformative change to agency procurement and significant economic impact to small and small disadvantaged federal contractors. Continue reading

7 questions to answer when making bid/no-bid decisions | Robert Lohfeld | LinkedIn

Editor’s Note: Pay particular attention to the segment on pipeline health. Far too many companies have far too many distractions in their pipelines based on nothing but ether. -GovConChannelChief Going overboard with new deals will turn your pipeline into a pipe dream. via 7 questions to answer when making bid/no-bid decisions | Robert Lohfeld | … Continue reading

Do Opportunities Run Your Business?

Consistently reacting to opportunities instead of investing the time and energy to develop the knowledge, competitive intelligence and relationships needed is not a path to good decision-making. It’s risky, expensive and a clear indication the ‘opportunities’ and not you are setting the direction of your company Continue reading