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Pentagon still doing business with contractor that allegedly spent tax dollars on luxury cars

‘Why in the world we are still doing business with these crooks?” McCaskill asked Mattis. Continue reading

Pentagon’s $1 Billion Cloud Deal May Signal New Era in Government Buying

The contract caught many industry players by surprise, in part due to the $950 million value and partly because it was awarded without a traditional government procurement. Continue reading

Pentagon’s Commercial Cloud Will Be a Single Award—And Industry Isn’t Happy

Pentagon officials released a draft request for proposal Wednesday that coincided with an industry day regarding the Joint Enterprise Defense Infrastructure cloud procurement, an effort that began in September. Continue reading

Defense Department Drastically Cuts Nearly $1B Cloud Contract

The Pentagon will reduce the size of the contract from $950 million to $65 million. Continue reading

Pentagon’s first look at multi-billion dollar cloud program leaves many unsatisfied

DoD held an industry day to roll out its initial thinking about its Joint Enterprise Defense Infrastructure (JEDI) Cloud program, and instead of putting to rest rumors and perceptions, officials opened the door to more confusion and uncertainty. Continue reading

Here’s how Ellen Lord grades the Pentagon’s most expensive programs

Ellen Lord, who on Feb. 1 transitions from AT&L head to be the first undersecretary of defense for acquisition and sustainment, said she has developed and implemented a new system for tracking the 87 major defense acquisition programs (MDAPs) which together make up almost 96 percent of the Pentagon’s acquisition funding each year. Continue reading

The Pentagon’s acquisition office is gone. Here’s what the next 120 days bring.

On Feb. 1, workers who report to the undersecretary of defense for acquisition, technology and logistics (AT&L) have a new boss. Per Congressional requirements, the office has been split into two new groups – the undersecretaries of defense for research and engineering (R&E) and acquisition and sustainment (A&S). Continue reading

IT experts, former leaders say DOD behind with advanced tech

Congress has tried for years to pass legislation to make the Pentagon a smarter buyer of technology. So when members of the House Armed Services Committee met recently with Eric Schmidt, chairman of Google’s parent company Alphabet, what they heard gave them pause Source: IT experts, former leaders say DOD behind with advanced tech — … Continue reading

Recently declassified Pentagon weapons office says rapid prototyping is secret to its success

The secretive Pentagon organization in charge of turning existing weapons systems into new warfighting concepts says it has a perfect track record so far Continue reading

Union Urges Congress to Make Pentagon Quantify Services Contracting

The American Federation of Government Employees is asking Congress to step in and require the Defense Department to “improve the oversight and management for the vast sums it spends so carelessly on contracted services,” its president said in a late-April letter to congressional chairmen. Source: Union Urges Congress to Make Pentagon Quantify Services Contracting – … Continue reading