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IT experts, former leaders say DOD behind with advanced tech

Congress has tried for years to pass legislation to make the Pentagon a smarter buyer of technology. So when members of the House Armed Services Committee met recently with Eric Schmidt, chairman of Google’s parent company Alphabet, what they heard gave them pause Source: IT experts, former leaders say DOD behind with advanced tech — … Continue reading

Recently declassified Pentagon weapons office says rapid prototyping is secret to its success

The secretive Pentagon organization in charge of turning existing weapons systems into new warfighting concepts says it has a perfect track record so far Continue reading

Union Urges Congress to Make Pentagon Quantify Services Contracting

The American Federation of Government Employees is asking Congress to step in and require the Defense Department to “improve the oversight and management for the vast sums it spends so carelessly on contracted services,” its president said in a late-April letter to congressional chairmen. Source: Union Urges Congress to Make Pentagon Quantify Services Contracting – … Continue reading

Defense Analysts Anticipate Little Impact From ‘Buy American’ Executive Order

The President issued an executive order April 18 ordering federal agencies to purchase American-made products to the maximum extent possible, and review their contracting policies and processes in this regard. Continue reading

DoD in process of splitting responsibilities for two new acquisition offices

The Pentagon is doing preliminary work on splicing its acquisition office into two distinct areas: research and engineering, and day-to-day business acquisitions, Continue reading

Defense Contractors See End of Budget Decline

The Pentagon, as the government’s largest buyer of goods and services, is ending a seven-year drawdown of acquisition spending, according to a study released on Wednesday. Continue reading

Defense contracts may see $27.5 billion boost in Trump budget

President Donald Trump is requesting a big boost to military spending in the fiscal 2018 budget request blueprint. Continue reading

Lawmakers unveil $578 billion Pentagon spending bill

Lawmakers on Thursday unveiled a $578 billion spending bill to keep the U.S. armed forces operating through September Continue reading

In final speech, DoD acquisition chief knocks congressional reforms as unhelpful

Frank Kendall, the undersecretary of Defense for acquisition, technology and logistics, used his final public remarks as Pentagon acquisition chief Tuesday to argue that DoD has made significant, demonstrable progress in improving outcomes from its procurement system, and that if Congress wants to help, it should largely stay out of the way. Continue reading

Pentagon Wins Court Round on Disclosing Sikorsky Subcontracting Plans

The U.S. Court of Appeals for the 9th Circuit ruled against the Petaluma, Calif.-based American Small Business League, saying that forcing the helicopter maker to disclose its subcontracting plan would put it at a competitive disadvantage. Continue reading