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Nope! Your LinkedIn Approach Still Doesn’t Work For Me.

Many things have changed in life and business since I penned my original post in 2016. For example, I updated my headshot.  I’m coaching my daughter’s field hockey team. We moved and more! One change I was not a fan of was LinkedIn removing the ‘Advice for Contacting…‘ section from profiles. Another change on LinkedIn … Continue reading

Your LinkedIn Approach Doesn’t Work For Me (and Vice Versa I’m Sure)

How you choose to use LinkedIn is your business and your choice, but your ‘system’ probably won’t work for me. That doesn’t make your tactics right and mine wrong, and it shouldn’t make one better or worse than the other. Continue reading

Seven Email Tips Business Professionals Should Observe.

Have you ever received ‘bad’ email? Ever sent them? Me too, so here are seven tips I picked up online to help prevent business emails that shouldn’t be sent (or received)! Continue reading