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Nope! Your LinkedIn Approach Still Doesn’t Work For Me.

Many things have changed in life and business since I penned my original post in 2016. For example, I updated my headshot.  I’m coaching my daughter’s field hockey team. We moved and more! One change I was not a fan of was LinkedIn removing the ‘Advice for Contacting…‘ section from profiles. Another change on LinkedIn … Continue reading

Army seeks help to guard against fake social media accounts

The Army is looking for help from a vendor to find, monitor and get rid of imposter social media accounts. Continue reading

What’s the right setting for LI connecting? | Guy Timberlake | Pulse | LinkedIn

My purpose for using LinkedIn is not to accrue contacts for the sake of it. There has to be some purpose despite the number of common connections. Source: What’s the right setting for LI connecting? | Guy Timberlake | Pulse | LinkedIn

Your LinkedIn Approach Doesn’t Work For Me (and Vice Versa I’m Sure)

How you choose to use LinkedIn is your business and your choice, but your ‘system’ probably won’t work for me. That doesn’t make your tactics right and mine wrong, and it shouldn’t make one better or worse than the other. Continue reading

‘Unavailable’ Portion of Federal Contract Spending

Each year, our Uncle Sam shells out big dollars for a variety of goods and services. How many of those dollars do companies hunting for ‘work’ actually have a shot at each year? Continue reading

What’s Missing With Big Data? Human Filters | Stan McChrystal

This dilemma is particularly salient in business. Because data is available, we expect our senior leaders to know all of it, at all times, and make perfect decisions as a result. Continue reading

Connecting On LinkedIn…The Right Way!

I received an awesome message and invite where the sender went well beyond the widely accepted ‘norm’ for LinkedIn. Thank goodness! Continue reading

Marketing? Market Research? Don’t Ignore Product and Service Codes. – #Ask@GovConGuy

Context is critical to success in government contracting. Not understanding meaning, significance and timeliness of something such as how an agency describes what you want to sell them, can and will likely result in lost opportunities and the dollars that might have come with them. Continue reading

Quick Guide to Product and Service Codes in Government Contracting – #Ask@GovConGuy

Lack of knowledge and a lack of understanding of these classification systems can cost your company time, money, situational awareness and visibility. Continue reading

Fact, Fiction and More About NAICS Codes – #Ask @GovConGuy

While it was not created for government contracting, the North American Industrial Classification System is important to both government and industry. Continue reading