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Lawmakers seek intel on surveillance of Americans

Lawmakers, on a bipartisan basis, are putting more pressure on the intelligence community to disclose just how many Americans are getting caught in the net. Continue reading

Intel Community Scientist Subjects Contracts to Frequent Review

The top scientist for the intelligence community’s innovation grant maker says his agency reviews contracts every six months to decide whether the funding continue Continue reading

Contractor indicted for stealing spy secrets

A federal grand jury indicted contractor Harold Martin on Thursday for allegedly stealing government secrets over a 20 year period. Continue reading

Spies and citizens get a win-win with new directive

The proposed new policy sets some much needed parameters on ambiguous directives and laws that may have muddled the information gathering process. Continue reading

Looking for an Intelligence Career? Learn the Peril of This Acronym

Like the military and many other highly technical professions, the world of intelligence loves acronyms. We use acronyms to the point that they become words themselves. We even take acronyms and embed them into other acronyms. Continue reading

DOD looking to put classified data in commercial cloud

Defense officials are banking on cloud computing to save the department billions of dollars as part of an ambitious plan to consolidate its vast amount of data centers. Continue reading