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Fair Opportunity is Not the Best Value

For me, fair opportunity is not the best value in Simplified Acquisitions for agencies or small business concerns. Continue reading

Trust But Verify – What They Don’t Know About Federal Contracts Can Hurt You.

Do you know the difference between a BOA, BPA and GWAC? Understand how agencies leverage Purchase Orders versus Delivery and Task Orders? You’re far from alone if you don’t. However, if you have responsibility for consuming procurement data in the course of developing and implementing strategy to find and win federal contracts (and subcontracts) you might want to ensure you know what you’re looking at, for the sake of money, risk and time. Continue reading

The Good, the Bad and the Just Plain Ugly Changes That Almost Were! | GovCon Voices

Originally published February 2, 2017 on GovConVoices Having been a part of the federal contracting community for close to 30 years, I’ve seen quite a few changes in policy and process that have both improved and degraded the ability of small business concerns to participate as contractors and subcontractors. I’m not referring solely to changes … Continue reading

How Small Business Got $500,000 (or More!) in FY2016

For some reading this, $500,000 would be a game-changer and for others it’s more of a nice-to-have, part of the collection that ultimately gets them where they want to be. This piece examines how that happened for small federal contractors during FY2016 and how much of it will likely happen in FY2017. Continue reading

e-Course: What You Don’t Know (About Codes and Contracts) Can Hurt You!

Just imagine for one second that some or a lot of what you know about government contracting is, well… wrong? This e-course will likely take your current understanding of some govcon facts and turn them on their head! Continue reading

Every GSA IT contract up for recompete? Mary Davie explains.

As Mary Davie describes it, almost every contract program under her purview at the Office of Integrated Technology Services is going through an evolution—”we might say, up for recompete,” the ITS assistant commissioner at the General Services Administration told Federal Times Editor Jill Aitoro. Continue reading

17 named to Army’s $5B ITES-3H contract

The Army said it had 50 bidders and from the pool it picked eight large businesses and nine small businesses. Continue reading

Workshop: Using FPDS-NG to Boost Your GovCon Business – Workshop begins February 1st

If having more robust, accurate and timely information about customers, competitors and opportunities would help your business, check this out! Continue reading

WEBINAR: Six Essentials to Find and Win Simplified Acquisitions – December 9th at 2:00PM ET (NACA)

An exclusive presentation by The American Small Business Coalition for NACA members. Continue reading

WEBINAR: Six Essentials for Finding and Winning Simplified Acquisitions – November 24th at 2:00PM ET

This webinar presentation facilitated by Guy Timberlake of The American Small Business Coalition, will discuss the knowledge needed to effectively find and win requirements procured by sixty (60) different civilian, defense and intelligence agencies. Continue reading