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Ten Agencies Who Increased ‘Simplified’ Spending

If tabulating the FY2015 spend concluded today there would be roughly $40B fewer obligations than reported for FY2014.

Even so, Simplified Acquisition dollars managed to eke out another spending increase! Continue reading

When ‘Things’ Are Not What They Seem and Connecting Those Dots.

How do you connect the dots if you don’t know what the dots mean? Continue reading

Growth Opportunity for Investors

Merriam-Webster defines ‘investment’ as “the outlay of money usually for income or profit” which means if you’re the leader of a small business pursuing federal sector opportunities, you’re an investor as you’ve certainly made an outlay of actual dollars and time. Think of this piece as friendly advice about an investment opportunity you should investigate. Continue reading

What Are You Waiting For?

Why are so many small businesses standing around when they could be fully engaged in finding and winning opportunities ‘reserved’ for them? Continue reading

Getting Your Foot in the Door

Don’t believe the hype! Registering in SAM.gov, becoming an 8(a) and being awarded a GSA Schedule will NOT guarantee you any success in federal contracting. Continue reading

As Agent 86 Would Say, “Would You Believe…?”

Even though the use of established contract vehicles like GSA Schedules, BPAs and IDIQs is pervasive in federal contracting, would you believe more small business concerns captured $250,000 or more in initial agency obligations during the first three quarters of FY2015 via procurement methods and award types not tied to these hunting licenses? Continue reading

GSA launches new schedule for professional services

The schedule includes contracts for advertising and marketing, business consulting, environmental solutions, financial and business solutions, language services, logistics and professional engineering. Those subcategories still exist for ease of use, however the vendor offers are now consolidated under a single contract for every company. Source: GSA launches new schedule for professional services

Find a Path of Least Resistance, Too.

During quarters one, two and three of fiscal year 2015, 6,000 small business concerns ‘worked smarter’ and wound up splitting a $10 billion pot of agency obligations that took less time and cost less money to find and win. Was this by design or happenstance? What matters is these companies found a ‘path of least resistance’ to achieve growth. Continue reading

Simplified Acquisitions vs. The World (Who Wins at $250K?)

The archenemy to many small businesses pursuing federal contracting opportunities is very often time and money. Specifically, too much time waiting for larger opportunities to come in, and not enough money coming in to survive until the next win.
Sometimes, the biggest buckets of dollars don’t always equate to the biggest bang for the bucks! Continue reading

Q4 Dollars by the Day: Agency ‘Simplified’ Spending at Fiscal Year End

Since we’re about to enter the final month of FY2015, I thought I would offer insights into spending by the day when agencies leveraged Simplified Acquisitions for end of year purchasing. Continue reading