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Tim DiNapoli: DoD has trouble closing contracts

The government has a problem with closure. Continue reading

Fake It ‘Til You Make It Has a High Cost

I wonder what would happen if more Business Development and Capture professionals had to foot the bill for C.A.B. Fare, you know, the Cost of Acquiring Business? Continue reading

In The Alliant 2 Summer, It’s J.P-3s, Not SPF-50 | Brian Friel | Pulse | LinkedIn

While much of the country is headed to the coast on I-95, I-64 or other Interstates loaded up with bottles of SPF-50, many federal contracting officers are instead finding themselves staring at J.P-2s and J.P-3s, perhaps wondering where these forms came from, and starting to wonder whether they’d rather be at the beach. Source: In The Alliant 2 … Continue reading

Thank You Georgia Tech Procurement Assistance Center (GTPAC)!

My friend Steven Koprince is one of and knows many of the very nicest people in Government Contracting. Here’s an example… Continue reading

Ostensible Subcontractor Affiliation: Beware These “Four Key Factors,” Says SBA OHA

In a recent size appeal decision, the SBA Office of Hearings and Appeals held that a small prime contractor was unusually reliant on its large subcontractor where “four key factors” indicated that the small prime contractor was bringing little to the table but its small business status. Continue reading

“Small Business – The First Option for Innovation” By Emily Harman, Director DON OSBP

Recognizing that “Small Business – The First Option” cannot be the motto of small business professionals alone, Assistant Secretary of the Navy (ASN) for Research Development and Acquisition (RD&A) Sean Stackley signed his “Tapping into Small Business in a Big Way” memo in January 2015. Continue reading

Ostensible Subcontractor Rule: Management Alone Wasn’t Enough

In a recent size appeal decision, the SBA Office of Hearings and Appeals confirmed that, where the subcontractor will provide the goods or services that the agency “actually seeks to acquire,” the subcontractor may be deemed an ostensible subcontractor under the SBA’s affiliation rules. Continue reading

US Rep. Bill Huizenga introduces Federal Prison Industries legislation

U.S. Rep. Bill Huizenga, R-Michigan, recently introduced House Resolution 4671, legislation to end the government monopoly of Unicor, also known as Federal Prison Industries, and force the organization to compete with the private sector. Continue reading

Inside Military Contractor Patriot Group’s Deadly Private War

Patriot Group International, a two-time Inc. 500 honoree with $33 million in annual revenue, is a government contractor whose customers include the Defense Department and various spy agencies. Continue reading

Capture Essentials: Black Hat Reviews

The objective of a Black Hat is to give the capture team much better insight into probable opposing win strategies thereby allowing the capture team’s strategy to adjust and ultimately a better chance to prevail. Continue reading