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Army chief envisions more mobility for acquisition, technology

“We’re trying to figure out ways to speed up the acquisition system. Some of these systems take multiple years – some of them decades – to develop, so the original requirement, by the time the thing is developed, the commercial sector or the technology’s already overcome the original requirement to begin with,” Milley said on March 10. Continue reading

Universal Mentor Protege Program Update: “June or July,” Says SBA

Recently, many contractors have been asking me for updates on the universal mentor-protege program. Now we have one, and it’s time for contractors to start seriously thinking about taking advantage of this major new program. Continue reading

CDM-as-a-service great, but what next?

In late 2015, DHS and the General Services Administration began the process of offering CDM tools for 40 of the federal government’s smallest agencies via cloud shared services to cut down on or eliminate the on-premises duplication across those smaller entities. Continue reading

15 Reasons (and Some Tactics!) to Get ‘Simplified’ GovCon Dollars!

Want to fuel the growth of your small business? Here are ’15 Reasons (and Some Tactics!)’ that will help you learn if Simplified Acquisitions can be the source of that boost! Continue reading

Agencies Looking to Simplified Spending

New Public Spend Forum Contributor Guy Timberlake looks at agencies that increased ‘simplified’ spending in FY2015 and analyzes the trends for federal contracting. Continue reading

Army puts its chief of staff ‘at the center’ of acquisition decisions

Of all the military services, the Army has been the most active in asking Congress for a partial restoration of the acquisition powers the service chiefs lost in the 1980s during the Goldwater-Nichols reforms. Continue reading

US Rep. Bill Huizenga introduces Federal Prison Industries legislation

U.S. Rep. Bill Huizenga, R-Michigan, recently introduced House Resolution 4671, legislation to end the government monopoly of Unicor, also known as Federal Prison Industries, and force the organization to compete with the private sector. Continue reading

Simplified Acquisitions Training at APTAC Spring 2016 St. Louis

Guy Timberlake of The American Small Business Coalition provides his experience-based insights and practical tips for identifying Simplified Acquisition opportunities at APTAC Spring 2016 Training Event in St. Louis. Hope to see you there! Continue reading

Simplified Acquisitions vs. The World: Small Business Impact Revisited

Since FY2009, civilian, defense and intelligence agencies have increased spending under the Simplified Acquisition Procedures by nearly one billion dollars per fiscal year, on average. Here’s another look at the impact this has on small federal contractors. Continue reading

Lifting the ‘cone of silence’ to avoid bid protests

Government officials contend bid protests aren’t a problem, and the outcomes of the process are exactly as intended — acting like a check and balance for the system. Continue reading