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Minimizing Procurement Red Tape with DoD OTA’s

If your company has a technology that could support one or more missions of the Department of Defense, but the fear of ‘red tape’ and other obstacles is forcing you to quash that interest, maybe it’s time to take another look. Continue reading

Common Feedback to Unsuccessful Bidders

The post-award debriefing of offerors is one of the opportunities that can be a very valuable tool for companies seeking feedback on their proposals. Continue reading

Pentagon Rule Would Deepen Dialogue with Major Industry Contractors

Following through on its Better Buying Power procurement reforms, the Defense Department on Tuesday published a proposed rule that would require major contractors who seek reimbursements for their independent research and development to alert the Pentagon before committing. Continue reading

DoD’s new background investigations system to include encryption, offline storage

In the days after the Office of Personnel Management announced that hackers had stolen the security records of nearly 22 million feds, former feds, would-be feds and government contractors, the fact that those records had not been encrypted was one of the many points detractors used to heap scorn on OPM. Continue reading

DoD’s current acquisition plans will peak at $191B

CBO says DoD’s current acquisition plans will increase by 11 percent from 2020 to 2023 reaching a peak of $191 billion. Continue reading

Defense Authorization Bill Heads to President Obama’s Desk Again

Is the second time the charm? Obama vetoed the NDAA for the first time on Oct. 22, primarily because lawmakers circumvented budget caps to boost defense spending through the Pentagon’s war chest. Continue reading

Congress expected to finalize defense cuts

Congress is figuring out which programs will feel the pain of a $5 billion cut to defense spending so the plan can fit the new budget deal. Continue reading

Federal Agency Spending on Competitive Delivery Order and Task Order Contracts – Q1 FY2015

During the first quarter of FY2015 147 contracting agencies obligated $12 billion to an array of Basic Ordering Agreements, Blanket Purchase Agreements, Federal Supply Schedules, Governmentwide Acquisition Contracts and Indefinite Delivery Contracts. Take a peek inside to learn more. Continue reading

2/20 in Alexandria, VA: Business Leaders Overcoming Federal Sector Business Development Obstacles. – The American Small Business Coalition

POCx Forum is purposeful discussions with Principals, Owners and Chief Executives of companies currently (or considering) pursuing contracts and subcontracts with civilian, defense and intelligence agencies. via 2/13 in Alexandria, VA: Business Leaders Overcoming Federal Sector Business Development Obstacles. – The American Small Business Coalition.

Federal Agency Contracting Dollars to Small Business Concerns – FY15 Initial Awards

Curious about how much of the FY15 federal contract spend is making its way to small business concerns, and how? Take a look! Continue reading