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‘Data + Use = Value’ is the motto for new USASpending.gov

If there is one thing the USASpending.gov portal always had was data. Continue reading

One agency’s search for data, ‘the new gold’

“Everything we do here is related to data. Data is the new gold,” said Don Cox, SAMHSA’s chief information officer said on Data Analytics month. Continue reading

Air Force probes sensitive data leak

The U.S. Air Force is currently investigating how and why a hard drive containing a trove of sensitive files and data was online and publicly accessible to anyone with an internet connection. Continue reading

Workshop: Using FPDS-NG to Boost Your GovCon Business – Workshop begins February 1st

If having more robust, accurate and timely information about customers, competitors and opportunities would help your business, check this out! Continue reading

Workshop: FPDS-NG ezSearch for BD, Capture and Marketing – December 8th in Alexandria, VA

This blended learning workshop provides participants a practical understanding of the FPDS-NG system so they can attain the confidence, skills and knowledge to exploit this repository in the execution of GovCon marketing, business development, and capture activities. Continue reading

Follow the Money of ‘Solicitation Procedures’ Spending

Agencies communicate contracting opportunities to potential vendors using a variety of methods which for starters, can determine if availability of the opportunity is broad or limited. Do changes in spending under these communications methods impact your government contracting business? Continue reading

Grab your partner, dosey doe, swing them ’round and don’t let go!

The ability to identify and leverage viable partnerships is an extremely important capability in government contracting under normal circumstances. Those who do it well reap benefits, especially during the times when a budget is being debated and agencies are forced to operate under special conditions like a ‘continuing resolution’ (‘CR’). Continue reading

Home Runs vs Base Hits – Finding Balance for Small Business

Here are six tips for small federal contractors seeking ‘base hits’ so they can get a foot in the door and get dollars coming in. Continue reading

4 Ways to Increase Opportunity Awareness and Efficiency Using FPDS-NG

Within the oceans of free and fee-based information, one can acquire extremely useful details about customer organizations, competitor organizations, current, future and historical business opportunities, spending trends, purchasing methods and so much more. These are the ‘dots’ so many of us refer to, likely on a daily basis. Continue reading

Navy looks to industry for help with data center consolidation — Federal Computer Week

The Navy is looking for help from the private sector in its efforts to consolidate its data centers, according to a panel of experts at the Navy League’s Sea, Air, Space exposition on April 18. via Navy looks to industry for help with data center consolidation — Federal Computer Week.