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ASBCA: Government Properly Terminated Contractor for Preliminary Finding of SCA Violation

The government can terminate a contract when the Department of Labor has made a preliminary finding of non-compliance with the Service Contract Act Continue reading

Here’s What’s Happening on the Simplified Front for FY2016 Q1 and Q2

Since agencies have averaged one billion in increased spending from FY09 to FY15, I thought it was worth it to see where Simplified Acquisition spending is for FY2016! Continue reading

GSA launches contract database for small businesses

The new Forecast of Contracting Opportunities database went live on March 15, part of the Office of Small Business Utilization’s efforts to give small businesses more access to government contracts. Continue reading

Simplified Acquisitions vs. The World: Small Business Impact Revisited

Since FY2009, civilian, defense and intelligence agencies have increased spending under the Simplified Acquisition Procedures by nearly one billion dollars per fiscal year, on average. Here’s another look at the impact this has on small federal contractors. Continue reading

Lifting the ‘cone of silence’ to avoid bid protests

Government officials contend bid protests aren’t a problem, and the outcomes of the process are exactly as intended — acting like a check and balance for the system. Continue reading

Should Agencies Get Credit for Unintentionally ‘Achieving’ WOSB/EDWOSB Goals?

As I see it, WOSB and EDWOSB companies achieved as much as half of this goal without the benefit (or assistance) of the set-aside or sole source provisions. Continue reading

When Researching Opportunities, Do You Rely on NAICS or PSC Codes?

There are two primary classification systems used by civilian, defense and intelligence agencies to describe procurements, but many vendors (and quite a few in Government) are focused on just one of them. Continue reading

Award Types Used by Agencies in Small Business Purchases (VA, MD, CA)

Getting the information needed to understand how a company should position itself from a ‘type of contract or contract vehicle’ perspective is pretty easy, and very valuable to the bottom line. Continue reading

Top Goods and Services Purchased from Small Business by Vendor State (NAICS vs PSC)

If you are more or less convinced that NAICS Codes are the foundation for finding business opportunities in federal contracting, don’t read this piece. Continue reading

How Federal Dollars Get to Maryland Small Businesses (Location Impact)

Of the $97 billion obligated to small businesses in FY2015, $10 billion found its way to Maryland small businesses. Continue reading