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U.S. Firm Accused of Plagiarizing Bid for Puerto Rico Food Supply Contract

The nine-page proposal made by Tribute Contracting appeared largely to have been “plagiarized from several sources readily available on the internet.” Continue reading

Report looks at how Trump’s policies, expiring contracts will impact competitiveness

The departments of Education, State and the Army are among those with the most documented bids for contracts expiring in 2017, providing industry with actionable insight on just how competitive the procurement process will be. Continue reading

Joe Petrillo: What happens when competing bids are millions apart?

When two competing bids come in for one contract, and the winner is tens of millions of dollars higher then the loser, something’s up. Continue reading

To Keep Winning Federal Contracts, Small Businesses Say They Have to Spend More

Though overall federal contracting is down 19 percent in fiscal 2015 from fiscal 2010, the survey found that, on average, small businesses spent $148,124 in time and money to bid for federal work. Continue reading

An ‘opportunistic’ approach only gets you so far

When you bid without an information advantage, you bid at a competitive disadvantage. Continue reading

This bidding strategy can destroy your company before you realize it

The difference between a strategic organization and an opportunistic one is that maximizing win rate is a higher priority than maximizing the number of bids. Investing in a high win rate means doing things like relationship marketing, developing an information advantage, and perfecting your lead qualification and proposal processes. Continue reading

Lifting the ‘cone of silence’ to avoid bid protests

Government officials contend bid protests aren’t a problem, and the outcomes of the process are exactly as intended — acting like a check and balance for the system. Continue reading

20 ways to reduce B&P costs and still win | Robert Lohfeld | LinkedIn

Many companies have experienced flat or declining sales in the prior year and, consequently, are dealing with reduced bid and proposal (B&P) budgets this year. This begs the question, can proposals be written in a less-costly way without reducing win rates? via 20 ways to reduce B&P costs and still win | Robert Lohfeld | … Continue reading

What’s In the Federal Contracting Pot of Money We’re Chasing?

FY2014 obligations made by agencies reporting to the Federal Procurement Data System total $443 billion in awards made to thousands of companies to purchase an array of goods and services. Continue reading

How to make the bid no-bid decision — Washington Technology

How to make the bid no-bid decision — Washington Technology. Ask business development professionals what’s the key to determining whether or not to bid on a federal contract, and the one word answer you’ll hear most often is “knowledge.”