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SBA CVE Protests and Appeals: Coming October 1, 2018

The SBA will begin hearing protests and appeals related to inclusion in the VA’s SDVOSB/VOSB CVE database on October 1, 2018. Continue reading

SBA Size Protest Deadlines: What About Corrective Action?

Does the deadline get extended if the agency takes corrective action in response to a bid protest? Continue reading

GAO: Understated Pricing Alone Isn’t “Unbalanced Pricing”

As the GAO wrote in a recent bid protest decision, unbalanced pricing doesn’t exist merely because some of an offeror’s line item prices are low. Continue reading

GAO Confirms: No Protests of Most Subcontract Awards

In a recent decision, the GAO confirmed that, except in very narrow circumstances, it won’t decide protests challenging subcontract awards. Continue reading

GAO Sustains Protest of $771 Million Defense Intelligence Agency Contract

The contracting giant ManTech Advanced Systems International protested the award in October, saying the defense agency didn’t adequately explain its decision. Continue reading

Strict GAO Timeliness Rules Apply to Supplemental Protests

If a supplemental protest raises allegations independent of those set forth in the initial protest, the supplemental protest must independently satisfy GAO’s strict timeliness rules. Continue reading

Bid Protests for Small Businesses

Bid-protest procedures vary from jurisdiction to jurisdiction.  The expense of a bid protest often increases with the formality and length of the proceedings. Continue reading

DoD Bid Protests Are “Exceedingly Uncommon,” New Study Finds

The detailed report, which was prepared at the behest of Congress, concludes that DoD bid protests are “exceedingly uncommon,” and typically aren’t frivolous. Continue reading

Rand finds poor debriefings the major culprit of bid protests

The study was a requirement of the 2016 National Defense Authorization Act and Rand looked at a variety of factors involving Defense Department protests since 2008. Continue reading

Battle over $50B Alliant 2 IT contract goes to court

Five protests were filed in late November after GSA made 61 awards for the Alliant 2 full-and-open track out of 170 total bids to leave many disappointed they missed out. Continue reading