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Army Recompeting $600 Million Information System Command MAC 

Total Engineering and Integration Services IV (TEIS IV), is set to run between July 21, 2020, and July 2025 Continue reading

Army Rapid Capabilities Office begins delivering on promises

The Army’s Rapid Capabilities Office is fielding its first technologies less than a year after its initial establishment. Continue reading

Army says several cloud RFPs already in the works under new ACCENT contract

Senior Army leaders have already laid out firm, prescriptive timetables for commanders to shut down hundreds of government-owned data centers over the next two yea Continue reading

Army Reserves Lt. Col. Convicted for Fraudulently Supplying Chinese-made Army Promotional Gear as Made in USA

A federal jury on Tuesday convicted a lieutenant colonel in the U.S. Army Reserves for fraudulently supplying hundreds of thousands of Chinese-produced baseball caps and backpacks to the Army Recruiting Command, despite receiving millions of dollars under contracts stating the items “MUST BE 100 % U.S. MADE.” Source: Army Reserves Lt. Col. Convicted for Fraudulently … Continue reading

Yearlong CR would be ‘punch to the belly’ and ’roundhouse to the head’ for military

A yearlong continuing resolution will have a huge impact on the Army and Air Force, halting civilian hiring and training for service members. Continue reading

Army pleads for industry to halt filing contract award protests on ‘autopilot’

High-ranking U.S. Army officials pleaded for industry to halt filing protests on a nearly automatic basis over contract awards at the Association of the U.S. Army’s Global Force Symposium this week. Continue reading

Army seeks help to guard against fake social media accounts

The Army is looking for help from a vendor to find, monitor and get rid of imposter social media accounts. Continue reading

Big names missing from $5B Army hardware contract

It looks like several incumbents failed to make the grade as the Army has made awards for the third iteration of its $5 billion Army Desktop and Mobile Computing contract. Continue reading

For the Army, ‘Cyberwar’ Is Quickly Becoming Just ‘War’

The next great conflict will play out not just on physical terrain, but also in the electrical pulses of cyberspace and the electronic spectrum. Continue reading

What Technology Contractors Should Expect from Vincent Viola as Army Secretary

Anyone following politics knows by now that President Trump has selected Vincent Viola to serve as Secretary of the Army. Continue reading