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Army seeks help to guard against fake social media accounts

The Army is looking for help from a vendor to find, monitor and get rid of imposter social media accounts. Continue reading

Big names missing from $5B Army hardware contract

It looks like several incumbents failed to make the grade as the Army has made awards for the third iteration of its $5 billion Army Desktop and Mobile Computing contract. Continue reading

For the Army, ‘Cyberwar’ Is Quickly Becoming Just ‘War’

The next great conflict will play out not just on physical terrain, but also in the electrical pulses of cyberspace and the electronic spectrum. Continue reading

What Technology Contractors Should Expect from Vincent Viola as Army Secretary

Anyone following politics knows by now that President Trump has selected Vincent Viola to serve as Secretary of the Army. Continue reading

ASBCA Applies Christian Doctrine to Payment and Performance Bonding

Federal construction contracts incorporate the FAR’s payment and performance bonding requirements as a matter of law, even if the solicitation omits these bonding provisions. Continue reading

Milley joins ranks pleading for readiness over capacity

Milley warned that his service has other, higher priorities before it can increase its end strength Continue reading

Palantir ruling could tweak Army’s innovation track

As the Department of Defense focuses on the political transition, two top Army officials say that innovation, personnel management and partnership with industry will be key challenges for the Trump administration. Continue reading

Court ruling might force government to take commercial first stance

Palantir took on the U.S. Army and how it was procuring the next generation of the Distributed Common Ground System-Army Continue reading

Army ‘6+1’ initiative pushes procurement strategy of ruthless prioritization

When it comes to the technological superiority of the Army’s battlefield equipment, officials worry it’s on the wane because of a sort of a perfect storm. Continue reading

Army resumes ICITE integration after DoD hold up

After years of delay the Army will begin catching up with the intelligence community on common desktop environments. Continue reading