2018 NDAA

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As Kaspersky Deadline Approaches, Fears Loom That Contractors Aren’t Prepared

In some cases, contractors may not even be aware that Kaspersky, a Russian anti-virus provider, is running on their networks because it came pre-installed with unrelated software, cyber watchers said. Continue reading

GSA, OMB detail legislative fixes needed to implement e-commerce portals

The implementation plan GSA and the Office of Management and Budget delivered to Congress on March 15 called for the commercial e-commerce “portals” to be up and running by the end of fiscal 2019. Continue reading

DoD Immediately Implements Portion of Enhanced Debriefing Requirements

The DoD has issued a class deviation to immediately implement part of the the enhanced debriefing requirements mandated by the 2018 National Defense Authorization Act. Continue reading

Civilian Agencies May Increase Simplified Acquisition & Micro-Purchase Thresholds

The Civilian Agency Acquisition Council says that agencies may elect to adopt interim authority allowing their Contracting Officers to take advantage of these higher thresholds, even as the FAR Council goes through the formal process of codifying those changes. Continue reading

The real best value of raising the MPT and SAT

Raising the MPT and the SAT will have an immediate and significant impact in streamlining acquisition operations and supporting agency mission needs. Continue reading

Good News for DoD Contractors: Enhanced Post-Award Debriefing Requirements are on Their Way! 

This change is likely a response to the Office of Federal Procurement Policy’s (“OFPP”) January 5, 2017 memorandum. Continue reading

2018 NDAA: Changes to the HUBZone Program

The HUBZone program is once again undergoing some changes thanks to the 2018 National Defense Authorization Act–but note that some of these changes are not effective until January 1, 2020. Continue reading

New NDAA purchasing rules should benefit government shoppers, small business

The 2018 National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) rules governing the acquisition of commercial items should give those making relatively small purchases more choices, and small businesses more hope for getting a piece of the federal spending pie. Source: New NDAA purchasing rules should benefit government shoppers, small business – FederalNewsRadio.com

2018 NDAA Bans Some LPTA Procurements

The 2018 National Defense Authorization Act continues this trend by completely prohibiting the use of LPTA procedures for certain major defense acquisition programs. Continue reading

2018 NDAA Increases Civilian Micro-Purchase Threshold to $10,000

The 2018 NDAA increases the standard micro-purchase threshold applicable to civilian agencies from $3,000 to $10,000. Continue reading