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Section 801 alert!

This week on “Amtower Off Center”, host Mark Amtower interviews government contracts expert and attorney Jonathan Aronie of Shepperd Mullin. Source: Section 801 alert! – FederalNewsRadio.com

5 Fatal Flaws Killing GovCon Proposal Efforts [GovConChat™]

GovConChat™ is where we sit down with experts, thought-leaders and other movers and shakers who impact the world of contracting with the U.S. Government. The goal is providing useful and usable insights to any company seeking a better understanding of government contracting, and a better result from their efforts to find and win contracts and subcontracts … Continue reading

WOSB Program Changes: My “Game Changers” Podcast

The woman-owned small business program is in the midst of major changes Continue reading

Sean Moulton: States may have answer to procurement transparency

Every time there’s been a move to post actual federal contract documents on public websites, the effort’s been derailed Continue reading

Mike Starr: SEC rule would require companies to use XBRL to file data

The Securities and Exchange Commission has finalized a rule requiring companies to file their data using XBRL, which stands for extensible markup language. Continue reading

Joseph Petrillo: Will new innovation office improve procurement?

The administration sees the new White House Office of American Innovation as one way to make federal procurement more efficient and responsive. So is erasing a contracting rule established by the Obama administration. Continue reading

Departing director offers advice to next OPM leader

Now as she prepares to leave government in the coming days, Cobert has some advice for the next director of the Office of Personnel Management Continue reading

Deborah Kelly: New rule would alter contractor reporting

A proposed new rule from the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission and the Labor Department would impose a big reporting requirement on federal contractors with more than 100 employees. Continue reading

Marketing research for the B2G market

Monica Mayk, VP of Client Services for Market Connections Inc., discusses their research as to what works in B2G marketing. Continue reading

Rob Levinson: Federal contracting market is on an upswing

Federal contracting dollars dipped again in 2015 to just under $441 billion. Continue reading