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Invasion Nashville: ESGC Bootcamp 10/24-25

Ethical Stalking for Government Contractors™ comes to Nashville October 24-25! Visit http://www.theasbc.org/esgc/bootcamp to register for Nashville; Columbia, MD; Orlando; Seattle; Austin… You get the idea, right?

Obstacles to GovCon Growth: Clarity

Without proper context, processes and terms used everyday in government contracting may be misconstrued and result in undesirable outcomes. Continue reading

Obstacles to GovCon Growth: Distractions

Shiny objects are people, organizations and opportunities that ‘pop up’ on the radar unannounced and change the flow and rhythm of your company’s growth efforts. Continue reading

Obstacles to GovCon Growth: Strategy

The bar for entering, achieving a position and protecting that position in the govcon marketplace, rises every day. Don’t be the chalk outline. Continue reading

Congress set to fund government, but not Trump’s wall

Congress is set to pass a crucial spending bill that averts a government shutdown, but there’s one potential obstacle Continue reading

DHS experimenting with new procurement methods

The Homeland Security Department wants to experiment with new ways to do procurement. It started a procurement innovation lab which hosted workshops for the contractor associations. Source: DHS experimenting with new procurement methods

Federal contractors are look to extend ahead of Oct. 1 budget deadline

Oct. 1 is fast approaching so many federal contractors are looking to have the government exercise options to extend contracts for another fiscal year. Exercising options comes with pretty strict rules. Source: Federal contractors are look to extend ahead of Oct. 1 budget deadline

Pentagon pursues more secure IT purchasing via Deliver Uncompromised initiative

The Defense Department is about to impose a new standard on technology items it buys. Continue reading

Research center shows off the future of military medicine

The Defense Department is investing heavily in man-machine learning and  artificial intelligence. And while many people think of new weapons and cyber operations as the products of this investment, the money is going to other places too. Source: Research center shows off the future of military medicine – FederalNewsRadio.com

Navy makes more changes in biggest portion of NGEN recompetition

The Navy is signaling further delays in the release of a solicitation for a multibillion dollar recompetition of its largest IT contract after making another round of unexpected changes to its requirements. Continue reading