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President signs $1 trillion spending bill, keeps government open

The President signed his first piece of major legislation on Friday, a $1 trillion spending bill to keep the government operating through September. Continue reading

Defense Analysts Anticipate Little Impact From ‘Buy American’ Executive Order

The President issued an executive order April 18 ordering federal agencies to purchase American-made products to the maximum extent possible, and review their contracting policies and processes in this regard. Continue reading

‘Buy American’ Order Draws Mixed Reviews from Contractors

the order taps procurement specialists to propose contracting reforms to be assembled over 220 days Continue reading

How Contractors View Budget and Government Reform Agenda

The administration’s “skinny budget” released last week after an executive order on reorganizing the government drew cheers as well as brickbats from the contracting community. Continue reading

LGBTQ Advocates Say New Executive Order Makes Them Vulnerable to Discriminations

The executive order revokes key components of the Obama administration’s previous executive order banning federal contractors from discriminating against employees on the basis of sexual orientation or identity, gay rights advocates say. Continue reading

White House details how it wants civilian agencies to cut $18B in FY2017

The White House has a few more details about how exactly it wants to cut $18 billion Continue reading

New White House innovation office to take on federal acquisition

The White House is creating a new Office of American Innovation to take on one of the stickiest wickets in the government — procurement, and particularly the buying of technology. Continue reading

President signs joint resolution to roll back ‘blacklisting’ rule for federal contractors

President Donald Trump on Monday signed a joint resolution shutting down an Obama administration-era rule that supporters said evened the playing field for law-abiding contractors, but which the current administration said amounted to “blacklisting” easy targets. Source: Trump signs joint resolution to roll back ‘blacklisting’ rule for federal contractors

Defense contracts may see $27.5 billion boost in Trump budget

President Donald Trump is requesting a big boost to military spending in the fiscal 2018 budget request blueprint. Continue reading

Report looks at how Trump’s policies, expiring contracts will impact competitiveness

The departments of Education, State and the Army are among those with the most documented bids for contracts expiring in 2017, providing industry with actionable insight on just how competitive the procurement process will be. Continue reading