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One agency’s search for data, ‘the new gold’

“Everything we do here is related to data. Data is the new gold,” said Don Cox, SAMHSA’s chief information officer said on Data Analytics month. Continue reading

DATA Act advocates reflect on three years of planning, partnerships, predictions for future of spending reports

May 9 is the implementation deadline for the Digital Accountability and Transparency Act, and for Christina Ho, Treasury’s deputy assistant secretary for accounting policy and financial transparency, it’s a day to get excited about. Continue reading

NTSB constructing the proper foundation for digital transformation

When Angel Santa moved to the National Transportation Safety Board from the Justice Department about a year ago, he felt like he was going back in time. Continue reading

Can Census deliver 2020 on budget?

Lawmakers and watchdogs are going to stress out over the 2020 Census right up until it’s completed. Continue reading

114 new commercial buying regs since 2009 highlights why federal procurement needs fixing

Since 2009, the number of clauses around commercial items skyrocketed from 16 to 142, according to a preliminary analysis by the Aerospace Industries Association (AIA). Continue reading

In planning for the reorg, Price encourages employees to help him ‘reimagine’ HHS

Previous administrations have acknowledged the oddities of the food safety system. They’ve known for years it’s unnecessarily complicated, but haven’t been able to change it. Continue reading

DHS Wants to Verify Drones, Devices are What They Say They Are

The Homeland Security Department wants to ensure its electronic devices can’t be spoofed, and it’s looking to the private sector for help. Continue reading

Alan Chvotkin: Contractors eyes reorganization rollout

When Secretary of State Rex Tillerson kicked off a reorganization with a speech to career employees, he followed that with a survey going to everyone. Source: Alan Chvotkin: Contractors eyes reorganization rollout – FederalNewsRadio.com

SBA Publishes List Of Active “All Small” Mentor-Protege Agreements

The SBA has published a list of active All Small mentor-protege agreements. Continue reading

Proposed SBA Rule Adopts 2017 NAICS Codes

A proposed SBA rule change published Tuesday, April 18, would incorporate the 2017 NAICS code revision into the SBA’s size standards table. Continue reading