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VA Official Accused Of Taking Bribes In Exchange For Contract Information

Newly released court documents have revealed an elaborate scheme with a Veterans Affairs insider, who was accepting bribes for lucrative government contracts. Source: VA Official Accused Of Taking Bribes In Exchange For Contract Information « CBS Denver

GSA Relaxes Rules to Speed Contracting for Hurricane Relief Efforts

Eight days after addressing Hurricane Harvey in Texas, the General Services Administration on Thursday pivoted to the Irma storm aimed at Florida, relaxing certain contracting rules to encourage speed and local awards. Continue reading

Trio of DARPA procurements plan for ‘post-Moore’s Law’ world

Since the onset of the microcomputer revolution in the 1960s, global economic and technological progress has been largely fueled by regular, exponential leaps in computing power. With each passing year, computer chips have halved in size while doubling their processing power. Source: Trio of DARPA procurements plan for ‘post-Moore’s Law’ world — FCW

Release of Claims: Contractor Signatory Must Have Authority

The government sometimes refuses to pay a contractor for a modification when the government official requesting the modification lacks appropriate authority.   Continue reading

How DHS is thawing the industry-government deep freeze 

OFPP is planning a third mythbusters memo as part of its continuing effort to improve communication around acquisition. Continue reading

Bankruptcy Pending, But Contractor Still Wins Award

Contracting officers have wide discretion to determine that a business can perform the work in question—even if the business is about to enter bankruptcy. Continue reading

Fate of MGT unclear as Senate revs up to pass NDAA

The Modernizing Government Technology Act’s is one of several amendments proposed for the must-pass defense authorization bill. Continue reading

Emerging trends in unmanned systems

This week on “Off the Shelf”, Brian Abbe, senior vice president, Troy Abbott and Eric Billies, principals from Booz Allen Hamilton discuss the government’s growing use of unmanned systems. Source: Emerging trends in unmanned systems – FederalNewsRadio.com

Top 10 acquisition trends of FY17

As the final push for fiscal 2017 contract obligations comes to an end, it’s helpful to take a step back and assess the contracting environmental trends that have emerged over the past year. Each trend lends itself to further study, so here’s a high-level look at the top 10. Source: Top 10 acquisition trends of … Continue reading

Murphy: Database would help U.S. companies compete for federal contracts

U.S. Sen. Chris Murphy, D-Conn., wants to make it easier for U.S. manufacturers to find out when federal agencies pick a foreign company to make a part that they say isn’t available domestically. Murphy has criticized federal agencies, and specifically the Department of Defense, the government’s largest purchaser of goods and services, for skirting policies … Continue reading