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What are CI Essentials™?

CI Essentials™ are how government contractors achieve (and sustain) being as competitive as possible. Continue reading

Here’s What’s Happening on the Simplified Front for FY2016 Q1 and Q2

Since agencies have averaged one billion in increased spending from FY09 to FY15, I thought it was worth it to see where Simplified Acquisition spending is for FY2016! Continue reading

Pricing roulette: Challenges vary agency to agency

One example is Defense Information Systems Agency refusing to budge from its original, highly questionable low price/technically acceptable strategy for Encore III—even though this is a ten year contract with broad, unknown requirements. Continue reading

WEBINAR: What You Don’t Know About Agencies and IDVs Can Cost You.

Believe it or not, it’s very easy to determine how agencies buy what you sell and know it BEFORE you call on them! Continue reading

WEBINAR: What You Don’t Know About NAICS and PSC Can Cost You.

During this webinar we’ll look at how “know the codes” can help companies achieve increased accuracy and a reduced level of effort in searching for relevant contracting and subcontracting opportunities. Continue reading

An ‘opportunistic’ approach only gets you so far

When you bid without an information advantage, you bid at a competitive disadvantage. Continue reading

This bidding strategy can destroy your company before you realize it

The difference between a strategic organization and an opportunistic one is that maximizing win rate is a higher priority than maximizing the number of bids. Investing in a high win rate means doing things like relationship marketing, developing an information advantage, and perfecting your lead qualification and proposal processes. Continue reading

NIH Opens Small Business ‘On-Ramp’ to $20B Contract

Since 2012, the government has awarded $1.5 billion through the contract for health IT services, which is managed by the NIH IT Acquisition and Assessment Center. Continue reading

Marine Corps rolls up its sleeves on cyber acquisition

The Marine Corps is trying to change that perception through a cyber acquisition strategy that designates emergency requirements that must be fielded as soon as practically possible. Continue reading

When Pricing Is a Non-Factor to Winning – April 8th at Tower Club

One agency, GSA, has already adopted a new approach to scoring proposals that’s turning federal contracting on it’s head. Are you prepared for other agencies to follow suit? Continue reading


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