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How to spot and position yourself for hot opportunities — Bob Davis

Cold and warm bid opportunities have win probabilities less than 10 percent. So to increase its probability of winning a given bid, a company must position itself to bid “hot” opportunities. What are the attributes of a hot opportunity? Source: How to spot and position yourself for hot opportunities — Washington Technology

Can you recognize and act on ‘warm’ contract opportunities? — Bob Davis

Warm bid opportunities are the most common type of opportunities seen by companies in our industry. Source: Can you recognize and act on ‘warm’ contract opportunities? — Washington Technology

To bid or not to bid on cold opportunities — Bob Davis

The goal of course is to bid work where the company has a higher chance of winning than your competitors’ chances of winning. How can a company increase its odds of winning? Let’s consider the differences between cold, warm and hot bid opportunities and how to consider them. Source: To bid or not to bid … Continue reading

VIDEO: Good Fun. Good Networking. In Good Company. For a Good Cause. 12/7 in Tysons Corner, VA

It will be an evening full of good fun, good networking, good food and good drink, all for a good cause! The 2016 Holiday Charity Bash™ is almost here and we’re benefiting our Nation’s Military men, women and Veterans through our partners at American Freedom Foundation. Register today before tickets run out for the best government contracting holiday networking around! Continue reading

Congress Appears Poised To Gut Government Contracts For Small Business

A provision in the Senate’s National Defense Authorization Act appears to allow Pentagon contract officers to count subcontracts toward their goal for prime contracts to small businesses. Continue reading

This One Will Leave a Mark!

And small businesses can thank Congress and Industry Chief’s like SAIC’s Tony Moraco for this latest assault. Continue reading

AFCEA Greater Omaha Chapter and CI Launch Pad on 11/3 in Bellevue, NE

e-Course: What You Don’t Know (About Codes and Contracts) Can Hurt You!

Just imagine for one second that some or a lot of what you know about government contracting is, well… wrong? This e-course will likely take your current understanding of some govcon facts and turn them on their head! Continue reading

e-Course: 15 Reasons Simplified Acquisitions Should Be In Small Business Pipelines!

Here are our 15 Reasons Simplified Acquisitions Should Be In Small Business Pipelines, now as a self-paced online course! Continue reading

Pushing the ‘NDAA’ knife deeper into the backs of small business

It’s not bad enough that SAIC CEO Tony Moraco brags about helping to screw America’s small businesses, guess who else will help plunge it in to the backs (or hearts) of small business? Continue reading