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When Large Government Contractors Punch Down

SAIC CEO is here to help. He wants to ‘reduce some of the pressure on agencies to carve out small business set-asides’ by including subcontract dollars in the overall small business contracting goals.

Any guesses as to who wins and who loses if this comes to pass? Continue reading

Ask @GovConGuy – ‘How Do I Get PSC Codes for My Business?’

Before the North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) was adopted for use in government contracting, two other classification systems were in use. One of these remains a key identifier used in contracting and procurement today. In fact, this all but unknown classification system is part of the taxonomy used by DoD in its Better Buying Power initiative. Continue reading

What’s the right setting for LI connecting? | Guy Timberlake | Pulse | LinkedIn

My purpose for using LinkedIn is not to accrue contacts for the sake of it. There has to be some purpose despite the number of common connections. Source: What’s the right setting for LI connecting? | Guy Timberlake | Pulse | LinkedIn

Iowa Vendor Conference Answers Questions, Offers Guidance

“Every agency out there has a mission,” said keynote speaker Guy Timberlake, chief visionary officer and CEO of The American Small Business Coalition. “If you can align your business to that mission, then you’ll become an asset to them. That’s code for: You’ll get business.” Continue reading

21 Tips for New Executives with Business Development Responsibilities | Carl Dickson

  Congratulations! Either you got promoted or have started your own company. You’re an executive with profit and loss responsibility now, and must grow your business. You probably have some experience with business development, sales, or proposals, but being in charge of it is another matter. That’s okay, because like most executives, you’re confident you … Continue reading

In The Alliant 2 Summer, It’s J.P-3s, Not SPF-50 | Brian Friel | Pulse | LinkedIn

While much of the country is headed to the coast on I-95, I-64 or other Interstates loaded up with bottles of SPF-50, many federal contracting officers are instead finding themselves staring at J.P-2s and J.P-3s, perhaps wondering where these forms came from, and starting to wonder whether they’d rather be at the beach. Source: In The Alliant 2 … Continue reading

Don’t Miss Guy, Karla and Steve at the Iowa Vendor Conference on 8/23!

The Iowa Vendor Conference on August 23rd is the place to be for current and up and coming government contractors to network and enhance their knowledge about success and compliance in federal contracting. Continue reading

How ‘What You Don’t Know’ Can Cost You (Literally).

Moving forward without understanding the meaning and use of references to procurement classification systems and the various contracts and agreements used by civilian, defense and intelligence agencies, can be expensive and demoralizing. Continue reading

Information To Win™ for Midwest Government Contractors 8/24

On 8/24 in Des Moines, we’re going to cover a lot of ground in 4 hours during a Mini CI Bootcamp hosted by our friends at CIRAS. Continue reading

EVENT: Iowa Vendor Conference 8/23 in Des Moines!

Don’t miss the Iowa Vendor Conference on August 23rd in Des Moines, Iowa featuring Steven Koprince, Karla Williams and Guy Timberlake leading information-packed sessions for educate and inform government contractors! Continue reading