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8(a) Program: Participant Terminated for Not Paying Subcontractor

An 8(a) Program participant was terminated from the 8(a) Program for failing to pay a subcontractor. Continue reading

SBA Size Protest Deadlines: What About Corrective Action?

Does the deadline get extended if the agency takes corrective action in response to a bid protest? Continue reading

GAO: Understated Pricing Alone Isn’t “Unbalanced Pricing”

As the GAO wrote in a recent bid protest decision, unbalanced pricing doesn’t exist merely because some of an offeror’s line item prices are low. Continue reading

GAO Confirms: No Protests of Most Subcontract Awards

In a recent decision, the GAO confirmed that, except in very narrow circumstances, it won’t decide protests challenging subcontract awards. Continue reading

SBA OHA Provides Clarity on the Nonmanufacturer Rule

Determining whether a business qualifies—either as the manufacturer or nonmanufacturer—can be a fact-intensive and confusing task. Continue reading

U.S. Firm Accused of Plagiarizing Bid for Puerto Rico Food Supply Contract

The nine-page proposal made by Tribute Contracting appeared largely to have been “plagiarized from several sources readily available on the internet.” Continue reading

Civilian Agencies May Increase Simplified Acquisition & Micro-Purchase Thresholds

The Civilian Agency Acquisition Council says that agencies may elect to adopt interim authority allowing their Contracting Officers to take advantage of these higher thresholds, even as the FAR Council goes through the formal process of codifying those changes. Continue reading

Prison time for instigators of kickback scheme at Charleston military base

So is a contracting officer who accepted bribes for steering work to favored subcontractors. Continue reading

Pentagon’s $1 Billion Cloud Deal May Signal New Era in Government Buying

The contract caught many industry players by surprise, in part due to the $950 million value and partly because it was awarded without a traditional government procurement. Continue reading

Pentagon’s Commercial Cloud Will Be a Single Award—And Industry Isn’t Happy

Pentagon officials released a draft request for proposal Wednesday that coincided with an industry day regarding the Joint Enterprise Defense Infrastructure cloud procurement, an effort that began in September. Continue reading