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Fair Opportunity is Not the Best Value

For me, fair opportunity is not the best value in Simplified Acquisitions for agencies or small business concerns. Continue reading

SBA Size Appeals: Parent Cannot File for Subsidiary

An SBA size appeal must be filed by someone “adversely affected by a size determination.”  Because parent and subsidiary companies are not directly affected by contracts bid upon by their corporate affiliates, those entities cannot file SBA size appeals on behalf of one another. Continue reading

DoD Small Business Contracts Have Dropped 70% Since FY 2011, Acquisition Reform Panel Says

This is one of the important new findings from an acquisition reform panel’s initial report. Continue reading

Moving to the cloud for DoD becoming a complex acquisition affair

Within a matter of hours, DoD’s Defense Innovation Unit — Experimental (DIUx), expanded a third pilot into a full-fledged effort to make it easier for services and agencies to obtain cloud computing services. Continue reading

FAR & DFARS Have 27 Distinct Definitions of “Subcontract”

In its first report, the Section 809 Panel urges policymakers to adopt a consolidated definition of the term “subcontract,” as well as a common definition of “subcontractor,” a term that has 21 distinct definitions in the FAR and DFARS. Continue reading

New GSA administrator seeks to shine light where the shadows of federal procurement live

Since its inception, GSA’s schedules program has been hidden behind a wall where only vendors with a contract could see the solicitations and awards. Continue reading

SBA innovation program hobbled by database errors, GAO says

The new report details how the SBA benchmarks the Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) and Small Business Technology Transfer (STTR) programs Continue reading

HHS Kicks Off Tour to Entice Startups

At the first “Startup Day” hosted by HHS, officials outlined on the agency’s procurement process and addressed concerns that might scare small businesses away from engaging with the government. Continue reading

GAO: Agency Shouldn’t Have Allowed Bid Correction

According to a recent GAO decision, however, absent clear evidence, it is unreasonable for an agency to allow a bid correction. Continue reading

Here’s how Ellen Lord grades the Pentagon’s most expensive programs

Ellen Lord, who on Feb. 1 transitions from AT&L head to be the first undersecretary of defense for acquisition and sustainment, said she has developed and implemented a new system for tracking the 87 major defense acquisition programs (MDAPs) which together make up almost 96 percent of the Pentagon’s acquisition funding each year. Continue reading