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Small Business Impact of How NAICS Codes Are Assigned to Federal Contracts (Responses Requested)


Small Federal Contractors:

Later this week a team of us will meet with a federal agency to discuss the use of NAICS Codes in federal procurement. Specifically, the conversation will focus on the current rules regarding the assignment of NAICS Codes to federal contracts, the impact of ‘incorrect’ NAICS Codes being assigned and the experience of appealing the assignment of a NAICS Code.

This is an opportunity for you to share your insights and voice your opinion as we will collect these responses to be included in our written submission to the agency. Our plan is to share information following the initial meeting and share our takeaways.

The team we’re taking in includes acquisition experts, small business advocates and legal professionals from government contracting who bring a wealth of practical experience and expertise to the conversation. Again, we’ll share all of this and more following the initial meeting.

If you would like to contribute to this discussion, select one or more of the questions below. Please copy and paste the questions you select in your response.

Responses may also be sent to chiefvisionary@theasbc.org.

  1. What are the potential effects on interested small businesses of an incorrect NAICS code being assigned to a procurement?
  2. Over the years concerns about “NAICS code shopping,” have been raised. i.e., when a NAICS code is selected to include or exclude companies of a specific size standard. Is “NAICS code shopping” still occurring? Prevalent?
  3. Which industries, if any, does NAICS code shopping particularly affect?
  4. If your company has previously appealed the assignment of a NAICS Code, please describe your experience.

Thanks in advance to everyone who contributes!


Guy Timberlake, The Chief Visionary
http://www.theasbc.org | @theasbcguy | @govconguy | @govconchannel

“The person who says it cannot be done should not interrupt the person doing it.”

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About Guy Timberlake

‘Go-To’ Guy Timberlake is an accomplished veteran of federal contracting with nearly 30 years of experience, knowledge and relationships acquired supporting civilian, defense and intelligence agency programs, starting with Operation Desert Shield. He’s called ‘Edutainer’ for his ability to make mundane discussions about business essential topics interesting (like finding and winning federal contracts and subcontracts!) and facilitates each learning opportunity based on his hands-on experience augmented by the wisdom of the many Government and Industry mavens who helped him grow.  Shortly after launching The American Small Business Coalition in 2004, he earned the moniker ‘Chief Visionary’ as he plots the course for the organization, and for his ability to conceive viable approaches to growth for American small businesses in the public sector. Most important, Guy is a devoted husband, a proud father and loves homemade pizza night with his family and friends. ‘Go-To-Guy’ is the nickname given to him by several of his defense customers in the 1990’s who knew him, liked him and trusted him to get the job done.

About Editor-in-Chief Visionary

Go-To-Guy Timberlake is the Editor-in-Chief Visionary of GovConChannel and oversees the creation and curation of relevant and timely 'News And Information That Matters To Small Government Contractors.'


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