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Small businesses need to stand out. Here’s how

Getting on the radar (in a positive way) of government buyers and influencers before you start bidding seems to be a daunting task for some. Continue reading

As OPM’s background bureau gets off the ground, could a bid protest stymie its efforts?

The Office of Personnel Management’s National Background Investigations Bureau (NBIB) is almost five months old and already embroiled in its first bid protest. Continue reading

Report: Physical, digital infrastructure drive $2T government contracting market

With limited resources and expanding needs, the federal government is always looking for cost-effective innovation to address issues like aging infrastructure and changes in demographics. Continue reading

Total acquisition cost: The missing tool from the procurement reform toolbox

Acquisition approaches and decisions must be data-driven and must include the TAC, which should be comprised of all direct and indirect costs of acquisition. Continue reading

An Old Contracting Approach Could Be Just What the New Administration Needs

Share-in-savings contracts begin with specific agreed-upon measures, measurement methods, targets, timing, and rewards earned from successful results. Continue reading

SBA OHA: “Manufacturer” Need Not Create Most Expensive Component

The SBA Office of Hearings and Appeals reaffirmed recently that a business need not manufacture the most expensive component of an item in order to be considered its manufacturer. Continue reading

Agency Erred in Issuing an Out-of-Scope Task Order

An agency’s task order award was improper because the order was outside the scope of the underlying IDIQ contract. Continue reading

How different is the new VA accountability bill from other attempts? Depends who you ask

Some lawmakers think they have a solution now to a longstanding and often heated debate over employee accountability at the Veterans Affairs Department. Continue reading

Lawmakers unveil $578 billion Pentagon spending bill

Lawmakers on Thursday unveiled a $578 billion spending bill to keep the U.S. armed forces operating through September Continue reading

GAO: Failure To Explain Prejudice Doomed Otherwise Successful Protest

Imagine that you’re a manufacturer of appliances, and respond to a solicitation seeking one of your appliances (on a brand name basis). Continue reading