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Avoid and Escape Traps of the Trade

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omaha-neptac-guyOnce you’re on it, escaping the proverbial hamster wheel and preventing it from eating up time, money and morale can be tough, to say the least.

Unfortunately, government contractors of every size, discipline, customer alignment and experience level falls into various levels of the trap of chasing ghost or wish opportunities. Ghosts are not really there and ‘wish opportunities’ are those many companies wish they had more and better information to consider before bidding on them. It’s like I said, eating up time, money and morale. Companies know they need to get work of some kind, but the ‘opportunities’ residing in their pipeline are often not well-aligned to their capabilities or experience. Although I mention ‘pipeline,’ many companies have not invoked that process and that in itself is a factor causing many to be caught in the endless loop of looking for and looking at work that’s just not a fit.

My colleague Carl Dickson of CapturePlanning.com said in one of his articles, “When you bid without an information advantage, you bid at a competitive disadvantage.” The way I see it, many companies have placed themselves at an information disadvantage right out of the gate which means it will be next to impossible for them to achieve a competitive advantage. The part that’s disturbing is many of them recognize their disadvantage but fail to make changes. One of their chief complaints? Adding steps that would increase the quality of their leads and opportunities and decrease workload (because of increased accuracy) is a non-starter because they don’t have the time to spare. The word you’re looking for here is irony.

A little knowledge and a little context can go a long way to helping your company escape or avoid the many traps of this business.


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