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5 Reasons to Enlist in Competitive Intelligence Bootcamp™

11288049_mCan your company improve how it identifies and qualifies contract and subcontract opportunities? What about finding relevant 15396748_l time and moneypoints-of-contact at government agencies (and best ways to make contact)? Viable teaming partners and likely competitors?

The goal of our Competitive Intelligence Bootcamp for Government Contractors™ program is focused on these and much more. The tactics, tools and resources demonstrated and discussed are practical and proven to help companies reduce their opportunity costs and increase their view of the opportunity landscape in federal contracting.

That’s why you’re invited to see what’s being said about this program and how it’s delivered. Participants of our CI Bootcamp seminars said:CIBOOT Testimonials, Josh and Kristen

Better Tag CI Bootcamp

These are just some of the amazing responses we’ve received from small and large companies across the spectrum of disciplines and products as well as from neophytes and industry veterans alike. In case those are not reason enough to invest your time in expanding your company’s capabilities to be as competitive as possible, here’s feedback received from our April – May 2016 CI Bootcamp participants at the halfway mark of their workshop:

  1. The average score for overall satisfaction by ‘recruits’ in our current program (now in Week 5) is 4.5 on a scale of 1 to 5, information is kingwhere 5 represents they are ‘Extremely Satisfied‘ with the content, pace, instructor and real-world application of the information.
  2. “You’re always challenging us to think through business development actions and assumptions to make our business better.”
  3. “I was demonstrating what I learned from the FPDS-NG sessions and blew the mind of a co-worker who has years of government contracting experience!”
  4. “The way you connected the dots during the last webinar was awesome! We gave you a random starting point and without breaking a sweat, you quickly tied in program information and POC’s. That was a GREAT learning opportunity!”
  5. “Great articles and resources from you and other subject matter experts is invaluable. You’re a treasure trove of information and knowledge.”

Interested? The next session begins in June!

CIBootcamp DI


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