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Your LinkedIn Approach Doesn’t Work For Me (and Vice Versa I’m Sure)

Now that LinkedIn has created a way for mobile users to personalize invites, what excuse is there for sending generic invitations? -GT


GTHow you choose to use LinkedIn is your business and your choice, but your ‘system’ probably won’t work for me. That doesn’t make your tactics right and mine wrong, and it shouldn’t make one better or worse than the other.

Unfortunately, that’s not how a segment of the LinkedIn community thinks. In fact, some users have developed an elitist perspective of who should and should not be allowed to use LinkedIn, based solely on how they choose to misuse the system, in their opinion.

I’ve seen it and experienced it many, many times since 2004.

It’s Okay That We Have Different Opinions (and Approaches), Isn’t It?

LinkedIn is a robust, multi-faceted platform that serves a variety of needs for a range of individuals and organizations. Based on the number of users and the diversity of the industries, cultures, business types and sizes, there are bound to be differences in how…

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