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PODCAST: How Changes to the VETS2 GWAC RFP Impacts Competition

GSA VETS2 RFP OUT 38652392_m

Here’s the good news! The RFP for GSA VETS 2 hit the street! The problem for most is that changes made by GSA will likely have them redoing their strategy and significantly reassessing win probability.

In this edition of GovConChat™, I bring back Brian Friel of One Nation Analytics to cover the many changes captured in the final RFP for GSA VETS 2 GWAC.

Here’s a summary of this program with bookmark information (just drag the audio player to the timing you prefer):

  • Understanding Why RANK Matters, More (2:22)
  • Changes to the Competitive Field (8:24)
  • Past Performance Bar Has Been Lowered (12:46)
  • Teaming Is In! (14:21)
  • Teaming Is Risky Business (18:00)
  • Webinar and Seminar Events hosted by The Competitive Intelligence Community (21:00)
  • Impact of Changes on GSA Alliant 2 Small Business (22:00)
  • Ranking is Leverage for Potential Primes and Subcontractors (23:00)
  • Time Is Money! (27:10)

For information and to purchase the GSA VETS 2 GWAC Report and Analysis produced by One Nation Analytics, click here.

Check out the following event being hosted by:

The Competitive IC


SEMINAR: ‘GSA ALLIANT 2 and VETS2 GWACs – Outrunning the Bear

a CI Briefing hosted Friday, April 29, 2016 9:00AM to 11:00AM (click icon for details)

istock_27091884 register now



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