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An ‘opportunistic’ approach only gets you so far

HCB Guy on Mic2It goes without saying that many companies are engaged in a ‘one-off’ pursuit strategy in government contracting. That is, they believe they can swoop in from high in the sky and snatch a piece of 38371228_mbusiness without the benefit of prior cultivation.

While that might be true once, twice or even a few times, the long-term prospects of this being sustainable are pretty slim. It’s an approach based on crossing your fingers rather than investing in and executing due diligence.

In fact, Carl Dickson of CapturePlanning.com states that sentiment so astutely in a recent article that I just had to share it.

In his article ‘This bidding strategy can destroy your company before you realize it‘ Carl offers the following:

“If you can get the business without a customer relationship, then someone else can steal it from you the same way.”

The rest of the article is just as spot-on and there are too many solid one-liner’s to put in this piece. For that reason, I highly encourage you to dive into this no-nonsense dose of reality as soon as you possibly can!

One of the other very sage insights offered in Carl’s article is:

“When you bid without an information advantage, you bid at a competitive disadvantage.”

This would be one of the many layup’s that allows me to introduce the first offerings from Competitive Intelligence Essentials for Government Contractors™, or CI Essentials. This is our newest collection of seminars, webinars and videos solely focused on helping companies more accurately and efficiently progress from planning, to finding, to qualifying, to winning contracts and subcontracts.

To check out upcoming sessions, just click on the image below.

CI EssentialsPeace!

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2 thoughts on “An ‘opportunistic’ approach only gets you so far

  1. I get it! The value of “customer relationships” is golden. We work consistently to create and maintain a bond with all levels of acquisition. This relationship building fosters growth with the client and lays a strong foundation for successful re-competes,

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    Posted by Saundra Thurman-Custis | March 29, 2016, 15:05


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