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Does ‘I Want You’ Only Apply to New-ish Small Businesses?

HCB Guy on Mic2With all of the efforts underway to accommodate non-traditional small businesses, it seems as though agencies are being distracted by ‘shiny objects’ from the West.

– The Chief Visionary

There’s a very good piece we recently posted penned by DoN OSBPs Emily Harman that articulates Navy’s policy stance and Uncle Sam Used To Want You SBhopefully a refreshed cultural stance towards small business. I urge all small businesses interested in Navy programs to review and understand it, and accept the Navy’s invitation to participate in the discussion that could ultimately lead to opportunity.

However, I have a concern that’s been brewing for a while.There is a broad-based approach by DoD  and other agencies to appeal to non-traditional small businesses in places like Silicon Valley and it appears to be at the expense of forsaking small businesses already engaged directly and indirectly.

I for one implore agencies not to forget about the vested small businesses who’ve already stepped up to support the Government.

The leaders of these companies didn’t wait around for federal/defense contracting to be made easier for them, they took a risk.

Let’s not push aside companies who’ve already made the effort to learn the system and understand the mission, for companies only willing to get vested after the proverbial smoke has cleared.


Guy Timberlake, The Chief Visionary (bio)

“The person who says it cannot be done should not interrupt the person doing it.”

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3 thoughts on “Does ‘I Want You’ Only Apply to New-ish Small Businesses?

  1. Thanks for chiming in Maria! In my opinion, one of the greatest deficiencies in our business is creating and executing targeted and consistent activities to create awareness of the goods,services and commitment of small federal contractors. The other part of that deficiency is the willingness of agencies at every level, to be receptive to relevant awareness activities, when they are done properly and purposefully. I think forums like Acquisition Excellence 2016 are good opportunities but more needs to be done. I alone don’t have the answers, but if business leaders as knowledgeable and vested as you speak up, we as a community can effect positive change.


    Posted by Editor-in-Chief Visionary | March 21, 2016, 11:01
  2. Thanks, Guy. A nice reminder for all of us. The newer companies haven’t always practiced or invested the way other small businesses have.. would love your opinion on the next level of this discussion too!

    Liked by 1 person

    Posted by Maria Horton | March 21, 2016, 10:51


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