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Competitive Intelligence Bootcamp for Government Contractors™

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Overview and Background

information is kingCompetitive Intelligence Bootcamp for Government Contractors™ is a high-energy immersion into the facts, benefits, misunderstandings and mysteries of developing knowledge and relationships to identify and win federal contracts and subcontracts. It’s graciously described as the ‘… blocking and tackling of gathering intelligence on federal contract pursuits!‘ by neophytes and industry veterans alike. Participants say the tactics, tools and resources discussed and demonstrated are ‘informative, practical and relevant…’ to the needs and challenges of small, medium and large companies pursuing direct and teaming opportunities.

Here’s why.

When it comes to finding, qualifying and pursuing opportunities in support of civilian, defense and intelligence agency requirements, having, understanding and using data, information and relationships is a must-have capability. In order to achieve success, organization’s need to know:11224434_l question

  • what questions to ask when assessing the marketplace, developing a strategy and executing that strategy;
  • what information is needed;
  • where to get information;
  • how to validate the accuracy, relevance and timeliness of the information, and;
  • how to use the information to be most prepared for threats and opportunities.

For many, part of the challenge is the overabundance of useful and not-so-useful, free and fee-based sources of data and information. Compounding this is the fact not one of these sources on its own will facilitate the requisite knowledge and confidence needed to submit a truly competitive offer in response to an agency solicitation or teaming partner data call. This is where the rubber meets the road in ‘connecting the dots.’

Competitive Intelligence Bootcamp for Government Contractors™ is the evolution of decades of experience and knowledge founded in failures and successes from industry veterans currently and formerly on the front lines of federal sector marketing, business development, capture and proposal management.

11288049_mHere’s what’s being said about this program:

“If you think you know everything there is to know about information gathering on federal pursuits, Guy will surprise you with useful information! I can’t speak highly enough about what I saw and heard this morning.”

– Joshua Rubin, Sr. Vice President Business Development, Sevatec

“My team and I LOVED the Competitive Intelligence Bootcamp™ LITE training that we got from Guy Timberlake. I learned many new tips and tricks and feel like I have a leg up on the competition. I HIGHLY recommend this as a “must do” training.” 

– Kristen Vanderbush, Capture Manager, All Native Group

Workshop Objectives and Outcomes

Each Competitive Intelligence Bootcamp provides participants with many opportunities to acquire and enhance their knowledge, skills and confidence through:

  • defining and discussing competitive intelligence as an activity and product
  • identifying information needs throughout opportunity connecting the dotsdevelopment and mapping sources to specific needs
  • exploring what questions genuinely matter in the course of identifying and pursuing targets
  • opportunities to validate the usefulness of information from specific resources (attendee selection)
  • real-world exercises to reinforce relevance of selected resources
  • instructor assistance with cultivating and exploiting information unique to participant’s organization
  • discussing related organizational workflow and outcomes (current vs desired)
  • assistance with selecting and completing a workshop project based on a participant-designated learning objective

Upon successful completion, participants will be empowered to:

  • efficiently leverage common and uncommon tactics, tools and resources to augment or replace current approaches and systems
  • develop and expand their understanding of terminology prominent in federal acquisition and procurement
  • enhance how they capture, assess and exploit information for strategy, marketing, business development and capture activities
  • better leverage business opportunity pipeline processes and tools

Workshop Agenda, Duration and Format

This program is delivered as a blended learning workshop combining self-paced, instructor-led, online and in-person activities to accommodate different learning styles and experience levels. Each workshop is structured so each participant can select a purely virtual learning Blended Learning Word Cloud by The ASBCexperience, or one that blends online and in-person lab sessions. Segments available in a traditional classroom setting are hosted in the District of Columbia, Central Maryland and Northern Virginia.

The current duration of regularly scheduled public sessions is seven (7) weeks.

The estimated time commitment for participants is not more than six (6) hours per week for required and recommended activities.

Here are the standard activities in a Competitive Intelligence Bootcamp:

Activity Legend:

  • SP = Self-Paced;
  • IA = Instructor-Assisted;
  • IL = Instructor-Led

Week 1

Required Activities

  • Welcome and Orientation Webinar (IL, SP) – General welcome to all class participants that includes a tour of the class portal and agenda.
  • CI Bootcamp Project Overview (IL, SP) – As part of the welcome and orientation webinar/video, participants are provided information about an instructor-assisted concurrent learning opportunity based on a key information/intelligence challenge faced by their company. Projects are required, launch during Week 2 and are completed by the conclusion of CI Bootcamp.
  • CI Essentials™ Videos: What is Competitive Intelligence? (SP) – Foundation-building videos that define Competitive Intelligence, discuss why it’s needed and a look at myths and obstacles companies are routinely confronted with related to decision-making.

Recommended Activities

  • Recommended Reading, Viewing and Listening (SP) – Each classroom portal includes a library of reference materials to include articles, blogs, podcasts and videos that will assist participants with developing additional context related to the tactics, tools and resources discussed during this workshop. Available throughout the workshop and during the post-workshop help desk period.

Week 2

Required Activities

  • CI Essentials™ Videos: Building Context. (SP) – These segments focus on building knowledge of terms specific to federal sector acquisition and procurement frequently found in the data and information captured and leveraged during market research.
  • CI Essentials™ Videos: Asking the Right Questions. (SP) – Just beginning your company’s pursuit of contracts and subcontracts? Been at it for a while? These videos explore the questions companies should ask and answer in order to develop a strategy, identify prospects and leads, and make decisions about team focus on building knowledge of terms specific to federal sector acquisition and procurement activities and frequently found in the data and information captured and leveraged in the course of related market research efforts.
  • CI Bootcamp Project Selection and Launch (SP, IA) – Participants are required to submit their project descriptions and goals by the end of Week 2.

Recommended Activities

  • Q&A Webinar (IL) – Live opportunity for participants to see and hear answers to questions they’ve developed and submitted to the Q&A Discussion Forum since the start of CI Bootcamp, and an opportunity to present new questions. Q&A Webinars are recorded and posted to the class portal.
  • Recommended Reading, Viewing and Listening (SP)

Week 3

Required Activities

  • CI Essentials™ Videos: Competitive Intelligence Sources. (SP) – A substantive review of free open sources of relevant information, most of them hosted by the U.S. Government.
  • CI Essentials™ Videos: FPDS-NG ezSearch. (SP) – A comprehensive background and functional review of the Federal Procurement Data System ezSearch tool to include initiating a search, filtering, exporting, visualizing and exploiting the information to achieve specific results.
  • CI Bootcamp Project (SP, IA)
  • LAB SELECTION/PROGRESS CHECK-IN – Lab selection (virtual or in-person) RSVPs due this week and CI Bootcamp staff will call participants (based on appointment selections) to discuss their progress.

Recommended Activities

  • Q&A/Demo Webinar – FPDS-NG ezSearch and Pivot Tables (IL)
  • Recommended Reading, Viewing and Listening (SP)

Week 4

Required Activities

  • CI Essentials™ Videos: FPDS-NG Ad Hoc. (SP) – A summary technical and functional review of the Federal Procurement Data System Ad Hoc Query Tool to include building queries, initiating searches, exporting, visualizing and exploiting the information.
  • CI Essentials™ Videos: Bid/No-Bid, Pipelines and Pivot Tables. (SP) – Processes and tools key to effective and efficient opportunity workflow, and approaches for making them work [better] for your company.
  • CI Bootcamp Project (SP, IA)
  • PROGRESS CHECK-IN CI Bootcamp staff will call participants (based on appointment selections) to discuss their progress.

Recommended Activities

  • Q&A Webinar (IL)
  • Recommended Reading, Viewing and Listening (SP)

Week 5

Required Activities

  • CI Bootcamp Project (SP, IA)

Recommended Activities

  • Recommended Reading, Viewing and Listening (SP)

Week 6

Required Activities

  • CI Bootcamp Project Completion (SP, IA) – Participants submit a summary describing the specific tactics, tools and resources they acquired to overcome a previous knowledge gap.

Recommended Activities

  • Q&A Webinar (IL)
  • Recommended Reading, Viewing and Listening (SP)

Week 7

Required Activities

  • CI Bootcamp Lab Sessions (IL) – Participants will engage in discussions and hands-on activities to address outstanding questions and, as a team, accomplish specific CI objectives based on their cumulative project goals.

Recommended Activities

  • Recommended Reading, Viewing and Listening (SP)


  • CI Bootcamp Help Desk™ – Although CI Bootcamp has formally concluded, support for participants continues for a while longer! 90 days to be exact! Have a question during the heat of competition that would be perfect for us? Participants can leverage reachback support by communicating with CI Bootcamp staff through a discussion forum checked on a regular basis.
  • Recommended Reading, Viewing and Listening (SP)

intelligence defined1

Who Should Attend?

Industry executives and professionals responsible for the planning and/or execution of marketing, business development and capture activities for small, medium and large business concerns pursuing contracting and subcontracting opportunities with civilian, defense and intelligence agencies of the U.S. Government.

Registration Information

Each registration for this workshop provides access to content and resources for one (1) individual named during the registration process. Registrations are non-transferable and no refunds are available on or after the workshop start date. Click here to review our other Event Registration/Refund Policies. Pre-registration is required.

Pre-Registration Fees (Pre-Registration is Required)

The American Small Business Coalition Membersistock_27091884 register nowasbc rgb

CORE™ Small Business and GovCon Wingman™ Members – $995

Individual, Associate/Corporate Members – $1395

PrintThe Competitive Intelligence Community Members

Individual Members – $1295

Associate Members – $1395

General Public/Not Yet Members
– $1595

CI Bootcamp 2016

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