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Award Types Used by Agencies in Small Business Purchases (VA, MD, CA)

GTA quick click or two on the Federal Procurement Data System – Next Generation will reveal federal agencies reported obligating just over $437 billion during fiscal year 2015. Of that total, small business concerns captured $97 billion through a combination of set-asides, sole source awards and full and open competitions.

This is a quick look at how small business dollars flowed based on the U.S. State or Territory from which a small business hails (based on the the state captured in the SAM registration). Mind you this isn’t scientific since I’m not vetting for factors such as companies with multiple locations.

Of the $97 billion obligated to small businesses in FY2015, $40 billion made it to small federal contractors with a base of operations in Virginia, Maryland or California. How those dollars were issued to those companies varies by agency, what was being purchased and more. Below is a summary based on awards made when agencies made buys from small businesses in these states using indefinite delivery vehicles (IDV), Non-IDV or ‘standalone’ contracts and if an IDV used if it was a single or multiple award.

For the record, of the five (5) IDV Types (BOA, BPA, FSS, GWAC and IDC) only the Federal Supply Schedule and Government Wide Acquisition Contracts are always multiple-award vehicles. The items shaded in green represent standalone contracts and those shaded in yellow represent single-award IDV buys. Everywhere you see an ‘M‘ or you see the reference ‘FSS‘ or ‘GWAC,’ represents dollars to multiple-award contract vehicles, accounting for nearly half of the spend for this report.

The basis for this report is:

  • Vendor State based on SAM profile;
  • FY2015 obligations made to Small Business Concerns (with and without use of set-aside procurements);
  • Type of Award and/or IDV used;
  • Single or Multiple Award when an IDV was used.

20160229 FY15 VA, MD and CA Obligations by Award and IDV

If the balance of power related to dollar distribution seems contrary to what you hear on the street, that may indicate a need for your organization to validate information you have or are receiving.

Using readily (and freely) available information like this to drill down to specific products or services, customers and procurement methods can quickly and efficiently provide a clear picture of how your company should be positioned to pursue opportunities based on how your specific customers and prospects are prepared to buy.

We’ll discuss information just like this and more in regular live and web-based meetings of:


Peace (and Stay Tuned)!

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