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How and Where to Fish for Government Contracts! 1/4/2016 thru 2/4/2016

The Complete Simplified Acquisitions Workshop!™

‘Complete’ because we show you how to fish, where to fish, and then we go fishing! 9519853_l fishing

The Complete Simplified Acquisitions Workshop!™ is a comprehensive education and training program focused on the streamlined purchase method used by over sixty federal agencies, boards and commissions to procure tens of billions of dollars in goods and services each fiscal istock_27091884 register nowyear. These procurement’s are in the midst of a seven-year rise in spending with obligations increasing an average of $1 billion each fiscal year since FY2009.

This workshop, which provides a substantive background on the rules, spending thresholds and what agencies buy this way, is delivered as a blended learning workshop that combines self-paced and instructor-led activities over the course of several weeks. Each workshop includes the option for attendees to participate in a hands-on virtual lab or an in-person lab hosted in the DC Metro area.20151113 SAP Total FY09 thru FY15

Workshop attendees are presented practical methods for understanding, identifying, qualifying and pursuing these opportunities leveraging open sources of information.

The workshop concludes with an in-person or virtual lab session where participants receive guidance in developing or adding to existing opportunity pipelines. Think of this as an open book test where the instructor provides assistance and the answers could result in potential revenues and profits.

For additional details and to register for the January 2016 workshop, click here.

About This Blended Learning Workshop

To provide the maximum benefit for participants near and far, this workshop is facilitated as both a self-paced and instructor-led activity hosted in an online environment. Attendees have the option of Blended Learning Word Cloud by The ASBCattending a virtual lab hosted online, or an in-person lab hosted in a classroom setting in the metro DC area, where they can participate in hands-on application of course content. Additionally, all attendees are eligible to leverage the post-workshop ‘Reachback Discussion Forum’ that provides continued learning and support from instructors as participants implement the tactics, tools and resources they’ve acquired during the workshop. Not including optional articles and videos, participants are exposed to nearly nine hours of formal content during this program.


Complete Simplified Acquisitions COVER

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