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Competitive Intelligence Bootcamp and More – January 2016 in Anchorage!

The American Small Business Coalition is proud to announce we’ll facilitate government
contracting training and consultations for the members, 41002286_mclients and partners of NACA, the MBDA Alaska Business Center and the Alaska PTAC January 26-28 in Anchorage.

NACA, the MBDA Alaska Business Center and Alaska PTAC have put together a robust program to help companies save time and money by increasing their knowledge, skills and confidence in doing business with federal agencies and their contractors. 

Finding and Using Information To Win – Part One and Two

Interested companies have an opportunity to participate in structured training to enhance how they leverage freely available information to support istock_27091884 register nowtimely and effective decision-making about prospects and opportunities during the two-part Competitive Intelligence Bootcamp for Government Contractors™ on Tuesday and Wednesday mornings. This workshop is based on the very popular and practical ‘Ethical Stalking for Government Contractors™‘ program which has evolved over the years from a one-hour seminar to a sixteen-hour certification training for Competitive Intelligence Professionals in Government Contracting.

Times: January 26th 8AM to Noon (Part One) and January 27th 8AM to Noon (Part Two)

Click here for additional information about this workshop.

Opportunities Accelerating Pipelines

Seeking opportunities that buck the norm by having a shorter procurement cycle, less upfront investment and generally a lower level of effort in responding? Then join us Tuesday afternoon as we facilitate a half-day seminar on ‘Finding and Winning Simplified Acquisitions‘ These are the opportunities cited by agencies as a ‘great way (for small businesses!) to get a foot in the door.’ Attendees will receive a substantive background on these streamlined purchases, which agencies buy this way, what they buy and how much they spend.The session ends with specific pointers on how to identify organizations and opportunities, and engage to become a contender.

NOTE: Because the presenter has extensive experience selling this way to civilian, defense and intelligence agencies, the real-world takeaways from this session have helped many small companies realize revenues over the last few years.

Time: Tuesday 26th 1PM to 5PM

Click here for additional information about this seminar.

One-On-One Consultation

On Wednesday afternoon and all day Thursday, participating companies with specific government (federal) contracting questions can take istock_27091884 register nowadvantage of one-on-one meetings with industry experts. A summary of the topics you want to discuss will be collected during your registration so we can begin collaborating in order to maximize the value of each thirty-minute meeting. Be sure to include contact information because we may reach out to you prior to the meeting to get clarification or more information about the topic to ensure we provide you the most accurate, relevant and timely information available.

The number of 1-on-1 appointments is limited, so be sure to lock yours in today!

Need more information? Contact The American Small Business Coalition at 410.381.7378 x2.


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