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Is the Federal Supply Schedule Program ‘Unsinkable’ Too?

GTGSA has issued a Request For Information seeking feedback about potentially waiving the two year requirement for being considered for an IT 70  Federal Supply Schedule. They’re doing this apparently to make it easier for startups to get access to this contract vehicle.

My question is, why?

– The Chief Visionary

Icebergs? What Icebergs?

The image that comes to mind when I hear this is the the ship’s steward of the In this film image released by Paramount Pictures, a scene is shown from 3-D version of James Cameron’s romantic epic Titanic standing ready to welcome aboard passengers AFTER the ill-fated ship had struck the  iceberg.  Granted, the GSA Schedule program may not go under as quickly as the ‘unsinkable’ Titanic but there are a slew of potential icebergs floating around current and future passengers should know about.

For example:

  • GSA Schedules have lost more than one billion per year in sales since FY10 whereas another streamlined purchasing method has increased an equal amount during the same period.
  • DoD and NASA issued class deviations prohibiting their buyers from taking advantage of the ‘Fair and Reasonable Price Determination‘ perk.
  • The class deviation to the GSA Schedule is anticipated to go governmentwide requiring all contracting officers (not just DoD and NASA) to determine ‘fair and reasonable pricing’ on their own, creating additional work when placing orders against the GSA Schedule.
  • Efforts by Congress to expand the use of FAR Part 13 (Simplified Acquisition Procedures) in the 2016 NDAA are creating a situation where Simplified Acquisition fiscal obligations could exceed annual sales against the GSA Schedule, VA schedule and GSA GWACs combined!

The Federal Supply Schedule program still floats today, but it’s taking on water. My advice? Brush up on the other ways agencies make their buys for the goods and services you offer.


Guy Timberlake, The Chief Visionary

“The person who says it cannot be done should not interrupt the person doing it.”

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