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Finding and Winning Simplified Acquisitions! (Seminars and Webinars)

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In the course of spending hundreds of billions of dollars each fiscal year, federal agencies leverage a number of procurement methods to purchase goods and services to support operational needs. One of the easiest and more efficient methods (by design) is known as the Simplified Acquisition Procedures or SAP.Shocked Excited FSS vs SAP

The Simplified Acquisition Procedures are used by over sixty (60) federal agencies, boards and commissions, and represents one of the few areas of government spending realizing consistent increases. In fact, while spending against the GSA Federal Supply Schedule has decreased more than $1 billion each year from FY2010 to FY2014, Simplified Acquisition spending has increased an average of one billion dollars each year during the same period. The efficiencies realized by agencies when using this method are reason Congress proposed language to the 2016 NDAA to increase the use of Simplified Acquisitions by more than doubling the Simplified Acquisition Threshold to $500,000, potentially raising the fiscal spend to $50B or more which would surpass sales against the GSA Schedules.

Did we mention purchases under the Simplified Acquisition Threshold are reserved for small business concerns?

This highly-informative and interactive presentation will provide attendees a solid background related to:

  • what Simplified Acquisitions are,
  • how they are used by various federal agencies,
  • how much agencies spend under this purchase method,
  • what goods and services are procured,
  • competition,
  • award types used,
  • how to find contacts and opportunities related to Simplified Acquisitions using FPDS-NG and FBO.gov.

20150827 Guy Presenting KYPTACThis three-hour interactive presentation will introduce attendees to the streamlined purchasing method used by civilian, defense and intelligence agencies that bucks the system with shorter procurement cycles, a lower cost of entry and pursuit and represents tens of billions of dollars in goods and services purchases. It also provides tangible steps companies can take to identify opportunities and related points of contact at federal agencies.

Your facilitator,  Guy Timberlake of The American Small Business Coalition, first leveraged Simplified Acquisitions in the early 90’s to unknowingly secure his first million dollar contract with the Navy.

In leading The American Small Business Coalition, he has helped many companies identify and capture these and other business opportunities to include assisting a member company with winning a $2M Simplified Acquisition at the end of fiscal year 2014 through educating their DoD customer.

To participate in a scheduled ‘Finding and Winning Simplified Acquisition!‘ seminar or webinar, click here to visit our events calendar. To schedule an exclusive presentation for your organization, contact Margaret or Guy at 410-381-7378 ext 2 or write them at founders@theasbc.org.

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Go-To-Guy Timberlake is the Editor-in-Chief Visionary of GovConChannel and oversees the creation and curation of relevant and timely 'News And Information That Matters To Small Government Contractors.'

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