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Low-Hanging Fruit Visual: FY14 and FY15 Simplified Dollars by Award Type

I had a great time this morning facilitating our ‘Finding and Winning Simplified Acquisitions to Grow Your Business‘ presentation this morning in Fairfax, VA for the Virginia PTAP. I got to see some old friends and met several folks who are in the business or starting up a business who seem like they want to go about it the right way. Kudos!

One of the questions I received during the session and routinely in social media relates to the status of Indefinite Delivery Vehicles (IDV) such as BOA, BPA, FSS, GWAC and IDCs in the world of Simplified Acquisitions. The short answer is they all play a part, some more than others, but the prevailing instrument used by agencies to award buys made using the Simplified Acquisition Procedures are Non-IDV or ‘standalone’ contracts. These are represented below as purchase orders and definitive contracts.

What does this mean to you if you’re exploring adding these types of agency buys to your company’s pipeline? There’s a good chance you have little reason to invest in a ‘hunting license’ for the bulk of the dollars spent this way, which can save you time and money.

Now I’ll let the images below do the talking.

20150331 SAP obligations by award idv type chart

20150331 SAP FY15 obligations by award idv type chart


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